HSBC promotional cashback on debit card spending

Has anyone else received an email from HSBC saying you can now earn 1% cashback on debit card spending until 23 Feb next year? Am interested if this is a general promotion or targeted. I currently don’t do any debit card spending through my HSBC account.

They’ve done it in the past as targeted.

Usually 4mths and max £1000 so a max of £40.


Nope. Not received this.

I received this. Not a bad offer… Might even use my debit card

For 1% cashback i’d probably use debit as it’s better than i get on credit lol

1% cashback is actually very good for a debit card in the UK, spend spend spend.

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Wow, fuming I haven’t got this email myself. Great deal.

I had this offer over the summer. Its a targeted offer - I haven’t got it again now sadly!

@Johnny @Trub Do you actually use your HSBC account day-to-day? If you do, perhaps that’s why you haven’t received the offer.

My account is effectively dormant with a low balance for most of the month apart from a 2-3 day period during which my salary is received and then immediately diverted by standing orders to a few different places, one of which is my Monzo account. Certainly not desirable from HSBC’s point of view so I can see why they may be targeting me with an incentive to increase my HSBC debit card usage.

@podgib @gt94sss2 how about you? (and @phildawson if you have received it as well)

Yep. It’s my main personal account.

I’ve no longer got HSBC, transferred to NatWest since and recently Lloyds.

I use my legacy as a way of collecting switch bribes with salary and DDs only, so the debit cards are never used. Balance kept just to cover those the rest in Marcus or investments.

£150 > £150 > £125 from those CASS. :moneybag:

Money now spent on Amex Nectar as much as possible with Monzo picking up non-Amex/credit card or rare times I use an ATM. Starling account a bit lonely, but helps when Monzo has an issue or the merchant has issue with Monzo.

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My use is a lot like yours. The account is used for receiving a salary and the odd direct debit - I wasn’t using the debit card at all, hence assume it’s a targeted offer to get people to use their accounts more.

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Yup. I’ve received the offer and my HSBC account has £1 in it most of the month other than when I transfer in £250 for the Regular Saver account.

Just spent a few days using my HSBC debit card for the first time in a few years as a result of this offer.

I won’t be continuing. Debit card transactions are taking 24 hours or more to appear in the HSBC app. After using Monzo for a few years, that’s far too long for me to tolerate regardless of the cashback.

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There is a new HSBC promo for October

With just 5 taps of your iPhone or Apple Watch, you get £10.
Simply use your HSBC Debit Card with Apple Pay 5 times in October.

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I also received this, but I believe it’s a targeted offer again - so people won’t get the cashback if they haven’t got the email.

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And that way you’ll get your HSBC Apple wallet notifications :joy:

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Switched to Android few months ago, HSBC card added to GPay only…
Received email today about Apple Pay £10 offer…

Alas I shut my HSBC account a while ago…