Huawei Lose Access to Google Services/Android

I’m curious as to what mobile networks and stores such as Carphone Warehouse will do?

Will they return their stocks of Huawei devices? Sell them off cheap as a loss or sell them at full price to those that don’t follow tech news and don’t realise how bad these phones will become?

Will Huawei be able to create and more importantly be able to sell phones outside China without Google services? Amazon app store anyone? :rofl:


Punished for making good phones that sell, very sad.

Huawei does have their own app store so I don’t know if that could help but no access to gmail, updates or google play protect would be a disaster.


This isn’t great but there could be a silver lining. If a big player like Huawei is locked out, maybe we’ll finally get a proper alternative to Google Play services/store that actually makes non-Google Android a viable proposition.

The fact that losing access to Google Play is so potentially crippling is a reflection of the fact that Android has long since ceased to be open source. Sure, the core OS os open, but there’s many critical pieces that aren’t.

Maybe I’m being overly optimistic, but I’m hopeful that this might be just what’s needed to get a true alternative to Google+Android into the mainstream.


Which other Chinese tech companies does the US have a beef with? Should I be worried as someone who prefers ThinkPads to other laptops?

It would seem to me that the problem for the US isn’t Chinese tech companies, it’s China.

So, I guess there’s certainly potential for further blocks by the US…

I just bought a Redmi phone… Am hoping Xiaomi are too small for them to worry about. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always figured that Google Android is to Android open source what MacOS is to Darwin. i.e they do the minimum required to be able to make the claim that the project is open source.

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I love my P20 Pro, Huawei have already confirmed it won’t be affected and it has already started working on its own operating system.

The problem of course is that the own operating system is the easy bit. It’s the developer support that’ll be crucial. What’s the point in the best os if you don’t have apps for [insert your favourite chat, email, social media, etc platforms here].

Just look at Microsoft’s mobile efforts: their os was quite alright, but it failed because of the lack of an app ecosystem. This would be the real test.


Hopefully if they do this they’ll fork Android opensource to maintain compatability overall with current development

They kind of have to.

History is littered with defunct mobile OSs.

Symbian, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Ubuntu Touch.

If Microsoft couldn’t fill it’s app store then you’re going to need to run android APKs to survive.


It’s not that easy: the vast majority of android apps (those that we are familiar with in “the West” anyway) depend on Google’s services.

Android and iOS are far too established now. Why would you bother making apps for another OS with hardly any users.

How is Tizen coming on? It seems to be difficult to introduce a new o/s.

Not wanting to dig up an old topic but I thought it better than starting a new new one. Hope that’s okay.

How will this impact those of us that rely on Android apps for our day to day banking, ie Starling and Monzo customers? Do we think that these apps will be ported over to Huawei ecosystem once they release their OS? Or will we be forced to move to alternative devices?

Existing devices will keep google services, but new ones (like the upcoming Mate 30) won’t have them, so unless banks publish their apps in Huawei’s app store you wont be able to get any banking apps.

Unless you can sideload them?

I’m sure they will find a way to make it work, its a massive company, that hardly seemed bothered about losing play store, in fact everywhere is still selling Huawei phones. I’m not getting rid of mine, in fact I’m thinking of getting the P30 Pro

Yeah, there’s definitely a lot of unanswered questions, sadly. I know that my existing device will continue to work, and I’d like to keep buying Huawei/Honor devices, I’d be quite reluctant to start buying a new brand as I’ve been using Huawei/Honor for a number of years now. That being said, I may have no choice! :frowning:

If you want to know what will happen just look at the windows phone.

It’s a shame as they make good phones.

My main fear is actually due to Starling themselves, regardless of what happens I’m pretty confident that most other bank apps will be either ported over to the new ecosystem or will be sideload(able)? Starling are known for being quite strict in terms of the environments they’ll allow the app to run in, so there’s every chance the app simply won’t work under the new OS.