HyperJar announces children cards

Title self explanatory. HyperJar CEO Matt Megens will be live on Instagram no discuss it later this week.

Live today to order.

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I don’t have any children so haven’t ordered one - but I see that there is one interesting feature which allows the children card to be automatically topped-up by the adult card’s balance.

Potentially a little bit dangerous!

I ordered my two a card today. They are releasing an app apparently and as the cards are free at the moment (Normally £5) I thought why not.

My eldest has Go Henry but for £2.99 a month it’s not really worth it.

I’ll see how it goes and what development they do.


Yeah I saw this.
You can imagine the amount of people who will do this in error. Kids might not realise.

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Indeed, it’s a good feature to have available but to have it “on by default” seems like a mistake.

@Dave_Alderton do keep us updated with how well it works, especially when the app for children comes out. It will be interesting to follow.

I think having an app for these accounts are essential tools in the educational experiences to be had from such offerings.

Without an app, it’s just pocket money in card form, which is fine and dandy, but I think the goal here with these accounts should be to educate and promote good and healthy money habits from a young age, so they can better manage their money as an adult.

So many of the people I know who are terrible with budgeting tend to stem from a childhood where money was a taboo subject, never taught or spoken of, and was treated as a scarcity. These people now either have one of two issues.

They’re terrified of doing anything with their money. So it sits in their current account. Or they waste all their money and end up in debt. I firmly believe an educational process is the only way to prevent such issues, and these cards, accompanied with innovative app experiences have the potential to be a fantastic foundation here.


I couldn’t agree more, especially with this bit!

Deactivated that feature on mine as soon as I saw it.

Cards ordered.

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Which is where Starling’s version falls down too.


As much as I like my Starling account and it is my main bank this is exactly why I thought I would try Hyperjar.

With Starling it would £4 per month for my two which is just not worth it. If Starling produced an app and it was as good as Go Henry or Rooster Money then I may swap. Trouble is with the world the way it is at the moment my kids are not really buying anything and will be even less so from Thursday!


Yes, although to look at it a different way, having your own card allows you to buy things online (which is particularly useful when you can’t go out much!) while “physical cash” pocket money is useless for buying things online.

So it may actually be good for that?


Still waiting for my cards.

Not exactly quick to get them out.

But then, I am in no particular rush for them yet.

Same here. Like you no rush but would be good to receive them!

1/2 has arrived this morning.

Two cards ordered.
Both activated after arriving together.
Unlinked from my account - don’t want them going on a spending spree.

I thought they advertised as glow in dark?
Not sure that they are!

Both kids excited to see if better than Revoult - daughter looked at me like I had 2 heads when I said she didn’t have an app to see her spending and balance. She said “what’s the point of that?”
I told her to think that when I was her age I’d go to the Halifax branch every few weeks with my passbook and get it printed on.
Oh I loved those days - nice blue books.


As are many of us :rofl:

HyperJar do say that a kids app is being developed.

Gawd knows when for though! :grin:

I had the same, but with National Savings via the Post Office.

Plastic blue covered book with a little see through strip along the top.

Screenshot 2020-11-05 at 21.44.58


To be honest, the concept of a passbook was pretty terrible.

Traditional statements are better!

I know that they do have romantic connotations as they evoke a bygone era, but not knowing your balance was obviously a massive pain!