Hypervisor recommendations for home

This one might be a little niche for this place, but do any of our more geeky types have any experience with virtualisation platforms and home labs?

I’ve been running XenServer at home for a couple of years, running VMs for a domain controller/vpn/dns, my NAS, email server and my live Sat TV server.

I chose Xen because I could get PCI passthrough working with little trouble. I need this to pass my satellite tuners on the host through to the VM running TVHeadend.

The settup is getting a little old and I can’t really update to a later version of Xen because 1) Citrix keep stripping features from the community version and 2) from using newer versions at work, I can safely say it’s becoming less reliable.

I’ve been having a little look around to see what my options are.

I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations or relevant experience that would be of any use?