Is this a really useful tool, or just another gimmick for the sake of gimmickery.
Am I missing something, as I really can’t see the point of it.

But then again, I see the likes of Alexa, Siri, etc as gadgets for the sake of having gadgets :rofl:

IFTTT is good but I think the things people are making with it is stupid

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I’ll be honest, I really don’t get it

I just think it’s a lot of faffing about for little payoff.

I like some of the ideas and ideas but setting them up seems a chore.


When I first saw it (in the context of Monzo) I was quite excited. Made me feel clever :grinning:.

But then I concluded it was simply a toy which seemingly added value to Monzo’s product.

In fact, once it dawned that it’s just a plaything for those who like such things, I realised it simply adds weight to the thought that Monzo likes tech - first and foremost - a distraction from building a coherent current account.


IFTTT and other automation and scripting services are great for specific requirements, particularly automating repetitive tasks. My experience though is that it’s mostly useful for power users and tinkerers. I set up a few IFTTT accounts to generate tweets from RSS feeds, but beyond that I’ve found no particular use – certainly none for banking.

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I use it for smart lights and the like,

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I think the key limitations of the Monzo - IFTTT integration are you can’t use an incoming payment as a trigger and you can’t define an outgoing payment as an action. If you could, IFTTT our something like it could be very useful. There is at least one IFTTT-like service but designed specifically for bank accounts that is aiming to provide such functionality: https://flowyour.money/

I’m not sure what the initial ambition was with Monzo + IFTTT but perhaps it was just a relatively easy way to test the waters to see how much interest there was in enhancing automation in how bank accounts operate.

Monzo have since moved on to introducing native IFTTT/Flow-like functionality in the form of salary sorter.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some point in the future they introduce outgoing payments as a native action response to incoming payments.


I use IFTTT to process certain monthly automatic card transactions directly from pots which you can’t currently do. That’s it. Once Monzo allow them, like direct debits, within the app itself I will stop using IFTTT for Monzo.

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I get that people like the automation, but looking at the IFTTT website, most of the automation can be done much quicker and easier using existing software.
Silent Phone - do not disturb
Add Weather to Google Calendar - my weather app notifies me every morning
Syncing drive, gmail, etc - google already does this
Uber notifications - the app already does most of this
Etc, Etc

Thanks to you guys replying in such detail, I have discovered I use IFTTT without realising to move money around within some accounts, but apart from that it’s definitely something I can live without.

Slightly off topic as I don’t use IFTTT but I do use Llamalabs Automate to modify phone operations. Highly recommended it on Android.