Image upload problem

I tried to upload an image that was around 1.5MB and got an error message saying it exceeded the limit of 8192KB, i.e. 8MB?! :confused:

Think I know what the problem is. Gimmie a min…

Fixed! Enjoy this 4MB picture of Edinburgh from 2016.

Looks like a recent update overwrote a custom setting.

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:cry: It doesn’t look that that anymore, they recently chopped down those trees in the foreground. :angry:

That’s a shame, it looked very nice.

Cheers @Liam :+1:t2:

Oh :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
That’s vandalism.

It’s to make a more accessible entrance to the art gallery apparently and they’re going to replant some, but even so. There was a big uproar.