In app 3D secure verification

Push notifications and in-app 3D Secure verifications are here


Much better. Starling had an 8 digit OTP which was particularly difficult to try and remember.

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It [the text] was formatted in a way that Android and iOS didn’t even recognise the OTP and automatically fill it out, too :cold_sweat: and when you were on PC and checking your phone for it, you had to go into the text. It wasn’t enough to simply look at the notification shade.


About time!

I can’t help but think Starling have the worst implementation of in-app 3D secure possible

surely it should just bring up a confirmation view with a authorize/decline button and transaction information

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That’s how they will sometimes do it, and how they showed it in the animation in the first post.

But your one time code is now permanently shown on your card details, which is used for some other retailers. Makes for a busy screen, might make more sense if you use your Starling card regularly online (which I don’t).

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Actually, there’s a third way - despite having a one time code permanently shown in my app, my pension contribution today triggered an SMS with a code of a different format.

3 different types of 3DS confirmations? This sounds more legacy bank than fintech!

I had one yesterday, android picked it up copied, pasted done

I am receiving texts for clearing online purchases. I thought this should be pushed in app now, what gives?

Depends if you have the app update, if the service has been rolled out to you yet, and even then I believe it depends on the system used by the merchant.

Right, well I have the most up to date version of the app, according to the play store. I did not realize merchants had a hand in what goes on.

I think starling are also rolling the feature server side so you can have the up to date app but it may not be enabled yet for you.

As for the merchant side, i don’t know the specifics of 3Ds in this regard, for the most part it looks to be handed off to the bank via a iframe window, but even then there are factors that may stop it working properly. Some merchants for example canceled the transaction if you left the window. I’m not sure if that was fixed or not. Needless to say, the payments system is anything but simple.

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Did you receive a notification before that? I had one the other day and accidentally dismissed it. Discovered there’s no way to bring them back up (as far as I could see), so cancelled the transaction and redone it. They text me the second time.

Not for me - it went straight to SMS.