In App Logo improvements requests

I used to use the previous community to request merchant amendments.

Since then, I have used the app to request logo amendments. I completed all fields (URL, Twitter and FB) and still no change.

Anyone have an idea how long it takes for an update to be approved via the app?

I’ve made a couple of odd requests recently (though before the forum closed).

My experience is that the logos appear within 24 hours or so.

It’s hit or miss… I’ve had some done within a day, some take a week or so and others not actioned at all. Complained via CS and was told it’s a manual process

Makes sense - if it was automated/unmoderated i guess there you be all kinds of thing replacing the logos of the likes of HMRC, RBS, et al.

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I’ve just tweeted them to ask if they are no longer updating requests. No doubt I’ll be taken off line to discuss via DM…

Or they’ll delete their twitter account to enable the conversation to be continued elsewhere.

I’m not bitter.


I’ve submitted a number of logo improvements in the last week and none have been actioned yet. I submitted them all a second time this morning.

Just checked. Last one I did was the Uni of York on Sept 12th.
So far as I can tell it was actioned that day. I remember noticing that it had been updated the next day.

I think Starling’s intervention caused this - though I suppose it could have been that the image was already in the system, but failed to download at the first attempt.

Thought as much, vague as ever.

Pretty sure that’s Logan on social! :joy:

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Of course it is, and you know he was fighting with every fibre in his body not to say exactly where those merchant updates should be shoved… :see_no_evil::joy:


At least we know his new title is “Operations Support Team” :joy:

I think he mistook the middle finger emoji for the bicep pump!

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What!? The whole team. :wink::rofl:


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I believe that Logan said anything submitted through the app went into a queue which is why he recommended logging them via the “ex” community. I’m guessing that the queue is no longer a priority

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Had a transaction today with merchant details not showing remotely even close to correct. I contacted CS as threre was only the ability to improve logo and I think that’ll be the last time I do that. It was painful. It’s a shame because all of the improvements made through the community benefited the wider customer base.
I don’t know why editing vendors is deemed as a pain is the arse job - just get rid of them or do them properly? The same applies to the map situation. Do it right or ditch it.


I once submitted an update for the vending machine at my University. Week of no-reply via the App. Submitted on the forum… done that afternoon


I think we’ve all experienced the same @hawc. I’ve waited 2-3 weeks for some, but they were only ever actioned when Logan updated it after I posted on the forum.

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I was never sure how them interacting with customer transactional data on a public forum fitted with gdpr regulations :grinning:

I think part of the problem with the whole transaction/retailer information database is that it’s a product / app / platform in itself.

It was discussed previously but it almost needs someone to create a platform that third parties can pull data from. It seems like a giant waste of Starlings time considering all the other areas of the app and service that need work

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