Initiative Q - Free new budding currency?!

(Nick Martin Hutchins) #1

So Im not sure exactly whether this will go anywhere, but rather than Crypto , Initiative Q has appeared, looks legit so far

Initiative Q is an attempt by ex-PayPal guys to create a new payment system instead of credit cards that were designed in the 1950s. The system uses its own currency, the Q, and to get people to start using the system once it’s ready they are allocating Qs for free to people that sign up now (the amount drops as more people join - so better to join early). Signing up is free and they only ask for your name and an email address. There’s nothing to lose but they are aiming for 1Q == 1USD.


Seems like a no harm punt to me guys…

Bonus points for using my invite link :slight_smile:

(DΛVΞ) #2

I joined this a few months back when it was mentioned on the old Starling community. Thanks for reminding me though. I’m going to log in now and check on my millions :wink:

(Dan Mullen) #3

I very quickly got the maximum number of referrals, then again when they asked me to sign more people up. When they came back again and asked for another 50 referrals in 3 days, I decided it was not worth the hassle.

(Nick Martin Hutchins) #4

I don’t think they will penalise you for not completing the bar! @danmullen

Thanks for helping to build it all the same!!

(Dan Mullen) #5

I’ve still got my 180,000 or so “Q”, it just seemed like a really aggressive push to sign up even more people.

(Nick Martin Hutchins) #6

I think that is the point of a fiat currency Dan :smiley:


I’ve already placed a reservation on a Mega Yacht…

I don’t see there being any problem with this - All looks really straight forward… :joy:

(Nick Martin Hutchins) #8

Laugh all you like Nick :wink:


Hey, I’ve already made my millions with Initiative Q - But I genuinely have no more information on it now, than I did when I first signed up months ago.

For anyone following, I believe the “sign up” process went…

  1. Receive 5 initial invites.
  2. Receive a further 10 when they are complete.
  3. A month later, I received 50 invites to complete within 72 hours.

Memory is a bit fuzzy, so I can’t remember exactly!

(Nick Martin Hutchins) #10

I mean worst case - its like that kickstarter you backed years ago and forgot you wasted £200 on (grumble grumble), but without the initial outlay :rofl::rofl:

(Dan Mullen) #11

That’s my recollection too @Nick!

(George Flather) #12

I signed up to this a while back now, and since then I have done very little to encourage others to sign-up.
I’ve also not really seen any sort of movement/update since signing up to the ‘Initiative’.

I see on their twitter that they have 5 million members. Does anyone have any idea when something might come of this?


Not in my lifetime


I would assume when they can find a way to sell the data for a decent amount.

(sam) #15

Contact details on 5 million people would be pretty nice to sell


What sort of contact details do they have? If its just names and email addresses then they wouldn’t get too much for it…

(sam) #17

With an.interest in getting money for nothing. Would make a good pool for phishing in


I’m still highly sceptical: an email list without proven open rate, click rate, bounce rate, etc is really fairly worthless.

If you have a well maintained email list, with high click rate, few bounces, etc, it can certainly sell for more than £10 per address, but without any of that I’d be surprised if you’d get a 4 figure sum for the whole lot.


5 million email addresses as 0.01p an address for someone interested in money making, even with a very small click through or take up rate, that’s a lot of potential customers, for a small outlay.

(sam) #20

I’d think there would be a pretty good click through rate. These people opened emails and signed up to something that we still don’t know what it is :rofl::rofl: