Intro to sustainable investing

If you’re keen on sustainable investing and doing something that will make the world a little bit better and make you some money - this article is a good insight into sustainable investing for dummies.

Do I detect that you have some sort of interest in Clim8 Invest?


I do, I resonate with their concept. But I like reading Good with money articles and thought I share. Isn’t this why you created FinTech talk?

I think you know what I am asking.

Your first posts here were removed because they were straight up commercial messages, peddling this service… A big fat plug for one service in particular.

I informed you by private message what is expected of members.

Subsequent postings have gone around the houses, but always seem to be heading in the same direction.

We have people in the community that represent certain services and are able to answer questions or speak on behalf of those services on the basis of an honest relationship. We know who they are, and we know they will have a bias towards those services.

That is acceptable.

It’s not acceptable to shill for a business under the pretence that you are an enthused customer, etc.

I won’t allow this community be used to drum up business by deceitful means.


I agree and so you should. But I am fond of a particular concept and would like to voice for them, however, there are companies I like to champion as well.

I respect your opinion and rules you have set for the forum.

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He is not asking if you resonate with a concept. He is asking if you have a dog in this race and would positively gain from Clim8 Invest as a business doing well.