Investing in Scotch Whisky (WhiskyInvestDirect)

After reading this snippet on today Bloomberg newsletter, I remember about a special Fintech I found some years ago:

Whisky, music and the great outdoors are among hot alternative assets in 2021. To invest in your health, consider the $1,495 LiteBoxer, the “Peloton of Boxing.”

An employee moves a wooden cask of Chivas Regal blended Scotch whisky at the company’s Strathisla distillery in Keith, U.K.

In Bloomberg newsletter (16/01/2021)

What do you think about investing in a very liquid investment, Scotch whisky? :smiley:

There is a British Fintech launched in 2015, WhiskyInvestDirect, a Scotch whiskey marketplace that allows investing in raw Scotch whisky (grain and malt) from distilleries that ages in casks, and after that the investors could sell it to the major whiskey brands or to other investors:

From the Bloomberg article:

Why now: Spurred by rising demand from Asian investors, the value of rare whisky has soared 564% in the last decade, and the asset has outperformed not only fine wine but every other luxury asset, according to the Knight Frank 2020 Wealth Report. Knight Frank’s data shows rare whisky soaring despite the volatility in markets in recent years.

Risks: Casks, which are stored in warehouses, can leak and break down, degrading their contents so much that the liquid no longer qualifies as Scotch. You can insure casks, but that won’t make the whisky you’ve waited for taste any better.

Note: Scotch Whisky and other real assets are alternative investments that share in common, the fact they are iliquid investments.

This is finregular, rather than fintech. Isn’t it just an asset manager investing in whiskey?

Nope, it’s a marketplace/trading platform. But instead of a Stocks marketplace and financial instruments broker/trading platform, it’s allows investing in Scotch whisky.

They were founded by the same person that created another Real Assets (Alternative Investments) trading platform, that allows investing in precious metals bullion (Gold, SIlver, Platinum), BullionVault.

BullionVault is the world’s largest online investment gold service taking care of $3 billion for more than 90,000 users. It is part-owned by both GBIT and Augmentum Fintech plc.

Bars are stored in professional-market vaults in Zurich, London, Toronto, Singapore or New York. You choose where. Because of our size, you benefit from the low storage costs we have negotiated, which always include insurance.

You can sell at any time, without penalty, and your money will be wired the next business day. You can also withdraw your bars.

Both platforms are FinTechs that operate in specialized asset classes, commodities and beverages, but still investment and on digital platforms. It’s like buy and sell P2P/P2B loans (P2P Lending) or private equities (Equity Crowdfunding), they are all about investing.

In both platforms, retail investors could buy and sell any asset they wish to. There isn’t any asset manager for the investors, it’s all DIY.