iOS 13 Beta

I know it’s very early in the development cycle, but has anyone installed iOS 13 beta, and how does it work with Starling and other banking apps?

Starling works for me, other than the display goes funky when I try to take money out of a goal (prevents me from clicking the arrow to complete)

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Yes have installed iOS 13 starling works fine for me haven’t tried taking money out a put but have added money no problems

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Yes beta dev 2 all good on everything

Initial Dev beta was horribly unstable compared to previous dev beta’s.

Although I really liked the the fact you can use FaceTime and iMessage on both sims the beta doesn’t seem ready for public testing yet in my opinion

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Battery life is utter dog I’ve noticed

The way I see it…

Developers actually testing stuff? Yes.

Early adopters who don’t mind the crashes and bugs? Yes

Enthusiasts who don’t understand the issues, but want the new features (and don’t mind the bugs)? Yes

Anyone else - No.

It’s perfectly functional, and closing the app/re-opening works in most cases.

The things I’ve found to be a killer for the average Joe…

• Calls don’t come through (straight to voicemail) - Not all the time either, but nearly always if someone tries to call you back after the phone cut off.

• Call signal seems horrific.

• Battery life is terrible.

• Frequent crashes of apps would get tiresome.

To be honest, I could very happily downgrade to iOS12 - It’s just the hassle and I don’t mind the issues too much.

Hoping Beta 3 is much more stable, because Beta 2 was a huge improvement over Beta 1.

I find it ok tbh, only things I find is that Skype for Business is awful for call handling right now (it’s always been shit but now its worse) and battery life is really bad.

Apps seems be ok so far.

Have you got the silence unknown callers active as was active on mine after upgrading to iOS 13 so anyone not in your contacts gets sent to voicemail

Nope - These are calls from people I know as well :man_shrugging:

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Anyone know how iOS 13 public beta 4 is working with Starling?

No issues here so far.

Totally fine for me.

Fine here on beta 5 developer.

Working for me

How are people finding it in general? My email and photos apps have been very unstable even on the latest beta (dev beta 6)

I did the iOS 12 public beta, but think I’m going to give this one a miss.

Had this come up in the beta wasn’t there before beta 5

That’s enough to make me think twice. During iOS 12 betas, I lost almost a fully year of Apple Watch rings and data which I obsessively completed to 100% perfection. I was almost suicidal.

I have this on iOS 12.4

Do you have the option to turn it on? It says not setup on mine but no option to set it up