iOS Updates - N26 App

Edit… I cannot see anywhere in the app how to “beam” money

There is however a new section for promotional codes.

Same here unable to see it in the app maybe not been enabled yet

Don’t you use iMessage to do it?

Apparently it’s not ready… also I assume it’s not just iMessage otherwise Android users would be shirt out of luck :slight_smile:

I don’t even think MoneyBeam exists outside of the Eurozone

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Moneybeam shows up now when I hit the +, but it fails on importing contacts. I’m guessing none of my contacts have an N26 account.

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One of mine does but it requires you to set your visibility and for them to do the same.

I have lots more discounts now including Tidal

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Me too, I spoke to the general manager about all these headass services though - how are you marketing to the general public with discounts for places that charge £300-400 per suitcase and £200 for a backpack???

The watch discount is nice though I might cop one

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I signed up for 3 months of Tidal but cellular streaming seems to a problem for Tidal. I haven’t been able to do it all day and reddit seems to concur this is normal behavior. I’ve been wanting a Horizon Studio suitcase for while so I may check that out too

I can’t decide between Horizn or Away for my new carry on, is it a decent discount? Let us know what you go for :slight_smile:

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More partners but no updates to the app functionality.

They still need to get cash deposits sorted tbh

I don’t care about cash deposits :blush:. Saved payees is a big one for me

Some offers for people outside M25 would be nice then if we ignore cash deposits :wink:

Outside of the M25??? What is this mystical place you speak of

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Nothing to report

Nothing to report (in fact I hadn’t even noticed it updated automatically yesterday)

I’m guessing the security update has to do with SCA. I don’t see anything different

Does anyone still have a Horizn Studios code in their app… Mine is no longer there so I think I’ve missed the deal :frowning: