iOS vs Android App

I’ve recently changed from an iPhone to Android device and one thing that strikes me is how different the Android app is compared to the iOS. I’ve also had the app on my chromebook for a while so knew what the Android app looked like, and how to navigate but this is the first time using on a phone device.

One thing I’ve noticed, is that it’s much easier to navigate around the Android version and find what you need to. However, I dislike that green button on the home screen and in some things, it feels a bit slower than the iOS version.

Which app version does everybody else think is better?

I haven’t used the iOS version but I do agree about that green button… :confounded:

Green button doesn’t bother me.

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I actually prefer the layout of the Android version more. It’s easier to find things such as the marketplace and customer service.

The Android app is easier to use, and the ugly green button has been annoying me since they bought it in. I find the Android app more logical in its layout.

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