iOS vs Android

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Who wins this battle?

Windows Phone


Ignore Liam his Aunty has let him online for 10 minutes.


That’s a big oof right there

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I think Windows will win

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I really liked Windows Phone. :frowning:

Windows Mobile on the old HTC Kaiser was decent

I had a HTC 8S, it was one of the best and easiest to use phones I’ve ever owned.

Hmmm… Only a first degree burn there, I’d say.

Bring back webOS I say!

Just wait until Google get bored of Android, they’ll probably release Fuchsia and make it Google phone only.

Samsung will bring back Bada or make a phone version of Tizen… then the rest of the manufacturers will follow suit.

Hell… Huawei are going to be switching to HarmonyOS

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I’m pretty sure Fuschia will replace Android but I doubt they’ll change the consumer name.

Let’s not forget about FireOS. Amazon might try again too!

Just wait until Sailfish OS hits mainstream! :joy:

Mozilla are launching a whole bunch of services now… maybe it’s time to bring this back…

I wanted a Firefox OS phone just to mess with… I do regret not buying one now but the only way to buy one was from (I think Alcatel) directly via eBay!

EDIT: I nearly got a ZTE Open C or an Alcatel Fire C; I can’t quite remember?

I was always tempted with an Ubuntu Touch phone but sadly Canonical gave up before the project was useful so I never took that particular plunge.

Oddly, everyone I’ve spoken to that ever had a Windows 8/10 mobile loved the OS and their phones - the rest of the world, however, just not interested!

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Yeah, similar story to people I’ve talked to. Think the problem was the lack of app support.

I always liked the look of the Microsoft Kin phones… the demo models we had in the office were nice and the packaging was good. Shame it was poorly received in the US.

Actually same with the Zune 2… great wee MP3 player!

Think the problem there was the use of the utilitarian Windows brand. Always thought a phone aligned to the X-Box brand would have done much better.

I see why they did it though. They’d have struggled to sell XBox phones to businesses - and of course, in the end, it was only corporate contracts that touched the bloody things!

Same but it would have been more expensive than the phone I was actually using at the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same, here I loved Windows Phone! So much potential.

There is that! Guess when you’re competing with Apple with their excellent PR team and eye catching adverts, or Google who just about everybody knows/loves.

Then there’s dear old Microsoft… doesn’t quite have the same image as Apple… or the reputation of google. Everyone just remembers MS98/2000


As for Xbox branded phones… yeah… can’t see business buying in… but then everyone bought blackberry phones at one point and looked how that panned out