Irish customers shifted to Lithuania

“The company said most customers should not experience any noticeable difference although it added that those with direct debits and other recurring payments will have to contact companies to inform them of the change of IBAN (International Bank Account Number).”

Good grief !!

Wonder if that’ll prompt another round of ID checks…:scream:

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Given that there’s no forwarding service akin to the CASS system here, that seems like a pretty big problem if you’ve been using Revolut as a main account in the Eurozone!

They should be informing their customers of this in much more detail, and ensuring they know to update the details.

You don’t want to first realise the details have changed when a transfer doesn’t arrive or you are being chased by suppliers for missed payments.

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So finally I’ve closed it. No idea why I hung on to it, really. :smirk:

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Well, the theory goes that they did all that last year. It hasn’t been particularly competently handled, however, so… probably!

I think the drop of a hat does by the sound of it here.