Is Revolut [bad]?

I heard they are not nice :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::confused:

Was that a rhetorical question?

What’s rhetorical :tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man:

I know now. Not it isn’t

Perhaps you could articulate on what metric you are assigning the label ‘shit’?

Are we talking about corporate governance? Employee relations? Revenue making regime.

A question like ‘is revolut shit?’ just seems a bit on the basic side.


Sorry I’m not good with words sometimes. Their social media guy is a ■■■■ and their CEO BULLIES STAFF I THINK :tada::tada::tada:

I don’t work for revolut so can’t coment on the boss, however people slagging of their boss is hardly something limited to revolut and half the time it’s just nonsense.

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Well, we don’t make personal attacks against individuals here, so I would ask you refrain from calling people names (even if they are caught by the site’s profanity filter).

Yeah, there are (serious) allegations concerning the company’s internal culture and its relations with staff.

These are being discussed here:

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I’m more on this train of thought.

It seems like in this day and age, unless you are offering bean bags, meditation subscriptions for free and 150 days annual leave to pursue other interests… You are an evil company with bad ethos.

My guess (and it is just a guess), is that Revolut are more “old school” than others, and have grown tremendously quickly all across Europe, which you can only do through a shed load of long hours and hard work.

Some of the stuff that has come out has been a bit… Different, shall we say. But the Revolut product is great.


I like the product, but I must admit I dislike most things that I hear about what goes on in Revolut towers.

Given the choice, I think I’d much rather work with at a place like Monzo, who seem to be at pains to give the impression that they foster a better working environment, than one who allegedly doesn’t care how many hours you have to work to ‘get shit done’.

But I’m guessing the vast majority of these discussions are about the product, rather than the working environment of the company.

If we delved into any of the companies we used, we’d probably never use anything again.

Apple (and it’s suppliers)? Google (very recently in the news about it’s poor working practices), and I’m sure the vast majority of other mainstream companies would fit in somewhere.

I’m not saying it’s right necessarily, but it’s a little difficult to shun Revolut for their work ethic whilst supporting (or simply using), stuff from Google and other companies with a chequered past.

If it was purely a convo about “where would you like to work”, then I’m joining Monzo all day long (assuming I don’t need money).

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Really, would you not spend your whole life facepalminh?

As long as I can facepalm from my Herman Miller Aeron chair, stress free life and meditation - I’d be happy as Larry.

Fair point. I’m certainly a a total hypocrite in that regard.

Avoided Sports Direct for a long time - then started at the gym and found I could kit myself out cheaply… so gain trumps people.

Avoided Amazon for a while but, no wait, I’ve never avoided Amazon.

I’m a horrible person.

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Still avoiding it… buy my gym gear on Amazon and Adidas outlet :joy:

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I find Amazon much cheaper for Under Armour stuff - Sports Direct always seems quite expensive for “mainstream” clothing.

To be fair, I literally buy everything for myself online…

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Decathlon wins out for me everytime for sports gear.


I dont want to be one of those askherls who starts spouting “there’s no smoke without fire”, but they do seem to be going in VERY hard on all this as if there may be a very large or very serious problem here that they’re not letting on about. First the push notifications/ In-app messages, now this…

Revolut\ 105xauto


Criminals pretending to be Revolut staff in order to harvest your account details is unacceptable. Thankfully, our 6 million-strong Revolut community is quick to identify the fraudsters, and together we’re taking down more of them than ever, faster than ever.

Unfortunately, phishing and other forms of cyber crime are on the rise in the UK and across Europe, so it’s important that we remain vigilant, together.

What is phishing?

Like most scams, phishing refers to an attempt by criminals to steal your PINs and passwords through lies, deception, and manipulation. They might pose as Revolut employees, third-party agents, or even chatbots. On occasion, such as with SIM swap, they might do everything behind your back, stealing your information without you even realising (until it’s too late).

In our most recent blog post, we detail what we’re doing to keep your account safe. We also provide tips on how you can minimise the risk of being caught out by phishing and SIM swap scams. Here’s the TL;DR:

  • No Revolut employee will ever ask for your PIN or password, under any circumstances
  • The only place we offer account support is our official in-app chat
  • Anyone posing as a Revolut support agent (or third-party partner agent) on social media or anywhere else, is a scammer, and should be reported immediately
  • We will never offer Premium or Metal trials on social media in exchange for personal information
  • No phone signal? Calls and texts stopped? Consider contacting your provider to make sure you haven’t been targeted by SIM swap scammers

Identity theft is a crime, and we take it seriously. We hope that you’ll take a few minutes to read the blog post, and to familiarise yourself with these simple tips to help keep you safe.

Team Revolut

Luckily for me huh I haven’t been targeted by this.

Thankfully though - I have about 11€ in there right now since I’ve started using Starling for everything domestically that doesn’t accept AmEx :joy:

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Are you still on their forum quite a bit? Has there been much talk on there about this? I must admit that i consider myself pretty level headed and used to the machinations of fintech and Revolut specifically, but even i’m wondering why they’re making such a big deal about this over and above what everyone else does, receiving an email like that could scare some people half to death about what they’ve got themselves into if they’re not au fait with the sector and company.

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