Italian bank cuts 10% of its current workforce

Makes TSBs closure and cost-cutting plan look small.

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I’m currently in Italy and Unicredit is everywhere, it has a ridiculously poor online offering. It’s competing with local banking and local banking nearly always wins in Italy, most people have an account with one of the local banks or co-operatives as they call them, very few actually use banks., mainly businesses and younger people. They are the sort of people that will happily use online, or telephone rather than queuing for hours.

And yes no typo queuing for hours, they use a manual ticketing system, you can go in get a ticket, go and do your shopping and you still might not be at the front of the queue. I tried to do a SEPA transfer, went in on Monday, 3 hours later they could not do it, had to try Wednesday the system was down so another 2 hours then went back Friday and that took an hour to do. No exaggeration in the times either, it did really take over 6 hours to do a transfer in a branch.