Jaja: general update and reviews

Hey Guys,

Anyone got any updates on JaJa?

Anyone got a card and been using the app, how’s that been going for you?

Although I could “onboard” Ive yet to find a reason to have another credit card…

Feedback welcome


This one feels like it’s in the long grass - and has been for some time. :flushed:

Dead in the water. Minimum salary 40k to get a card

Ok… in the reeds, then? :sweat_smile:

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There’s really no reason.
It’s a plain vanilla credit card in a nice app with annoying limits.

Yeah I have a card, been using it home and abroad (back when that was possible). It’s OK, nothing outstanding, no Google Pay, foreign transactions at the Visa rate without fees.

App is decent enough, nothing fancy - no direct debit facility yet but it is functional and easy to pay off using a debit card. A good feature for online use is dynamic CVV.

It’s a bit underwhelming at the moment to be honest.

They might state that but it’s incorrect. I know multiple people that have been approved who are on a lot less than £40K.

I’ve had a card since the early beta days. In general it works well. Development has been very slow, so things like merchants icons aren’t there yet.

The main downside for me is that I’m still stuck with my £500 beta credit limit. Other people have onboarded recently and been given five times that amount. I’ve continued to use my Amex as my default card as I have a much higher limit available, though I did use Jaja last time I was in the States.

I posted some initial thoughts on the Monzo community a few months ago.

I was broadly positive and my thoughts haven’t really changed.

However I no longer use the card other than the occasional transaction to check it there has been any progress. For me the main issue (which I only came to realise after my initial comments) is it’s really important for me that my spending activity is available in my account aggregator. Jaja isn’t supported by my aggregator, which could understandably be because Jaja’s still new but I’m not sure if Jaja has even released an open banking API.

Jaja have been collecting payments by direct debits for ages - I’ve been a customer for 11 months now and had them collected this way.

You may be confusing them with Tymit who I understand don’t yet have a direct debit facility


I’ve had the card for almost a year. The app works fine though like @danmullen I only have £500 credit limit due to being one of their earlier customers (newer ones get higher limits)

I understand that Jaja are concentrating on getting ready for onboarding all the Bank of Ireland Post Office and AA customers this year and also prepping a new version of the app though no idea how current events are affecting timescales

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I genuinely couldn’t be bothered with Jaja as a credit card provider.

Because I’m bored and on obvious lockdown, I decided to apply for a Lloyds Bank Platinum credit card two weeks ago. I was accepted immediately with a £10800 credit limit. 0% on purchases for the first 20 months. The card arrived within 8 days of application. I can manage the card in App on an almost dormant Lloyds joint account. I’ve got absolutely no time for cards such as jaja. For everything else, there’s my Starling debit card :laughing:


I use every now and then on non-sterling purchases, for everything else I use AmEx Gold and HSBC Rewards.

To be honest I do like the way the card looks, but hope they sort Apple Pay soon :crossed_fingers:


I’m going to be quite blunt with you marius, but that card just looks sooooo boring. At least my new Lloyds Platinum Mastercard has got a bloody horse on it! :rofl:

To be honest, the only reason I applied for the Lloyds card, was because my Virgin Money card is almost at the end of the interest free period. I’ve paid it off and I’ll be shutting it down shortly because there’s just no point in keeping it after the zero percent hook rate. I still use my BA Amex card, but if lockdown goes terribly badly for BA, they’ll be no point to that card as a Rewards card, so I’ll just apply for a normal Amex Platinum cashback card.

I think for me the horse is the reason I don’t like it :joy:

I don’t know why, but when I put them side by side I like Jaja way better

At first, I thought I liked the simplicity of Jaja, but then I realise that I also the HSBC card with the lion :lion: and for some reason, I also like the AmEx charge cards ( + Gold), not a big fan on the other cards from AmEx

Also, I like that Jaja also has black edges compared to white seen on LLodys, I don’t know why but if feels more premium :smiley:


:laughing: There’s bugger all ‘premium’ looking about any plastic credit card, they are what they are, a piece of bloody plastic which once expired, make great wall filler paste applicators! It’s not like you pull the plastic out of your wallet and thrust the edge of it in the vendors face so they can coo at its premium black edges. All joking aside, I just can’t really get turned on by a plastic payment card and as for metal cards, don’t get me started :rofl:

I have looked at the jaja page and I have to admit, there’s nothing about it that strikes me as anything special, but that is a personal opinion. As for invite only, yeah, well, if Lloyds/Virgin/Amex think I’m credit worthy enough to accept an immediate application and give me very generous credit limits and very long interest free periods, why would I want a jaja card?

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Freeze card in app, instant notifications, dynamic CVV - the horse card does all that?

Neigh… …!


I’d have thought you might get offered a similar deal with the Halifax Clarity card. The app is a reskinned Lloyds app so that’s the same and the Clarity card has no penalty when spending abroad. I would have thought that would suit a traveller like yourself better. Also, from reading your previous posts I am surprised you need the 20 months interest free period. You strike me as a person who pays cards off immediately.

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I completely forgot that I’d joined the Jaja waiting list until this thread came to life again. Just checked and I’ve actually gone backwards in the queue.

I doubt I’ll join if I do get an invite, though, as it offers very little over my Barclaycard which I use for fee-free non-sterling transactions.