Jaja - Tandem Alternative


Don’t think anyone in the fintech forum scene has picked up on this yet.

Think it’s the second fintech that is going into credit cards (after Tandem).

JAJA credit card
(Dave Alderton) #2

I’ve signed up for the waiting list.

Referral code if anyone wants to try

(Graham Butler ) #3

Something fresh in fintech - signed up.

Thanks @cap


Example in video shows a salary of 65,000 getting an APR of 24.9% … or did I see that incorrectly?

(l8n.me) #5

If i ever need to leak some fintech information i now know where to post it… :roll_eyes:


Looks interesting. It’s about time credit cards were given a bit of love.

Looks like Logan also likes the thought of JaJa. Wondering if he’s considering a move? Don’t have to delve very deep to see his tweet all over their site. Wonder what Anne will say to that? Tweet gone in 1…2…3…


Faster than the Monzo forum.

(l8n.me) #8

LOL Yes, that may have been what i was getting at. When “the Fintech Talk forum” becomes “Facebook”… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::rofl:

(l8n.me) #9

He’s just on twitter rather more these days…


I liked it as soon as Seerds mailed me about it during the week, so signed up to invest when investment opens.

(Dan Mullen) #11

Another referral if anyone’s interested:


Finer details of fees…

(Dan Mullen) #13

That all looks pretty reasonable.


My thoughts exactly. Looks more attractive than I initially thought. Now, if they can just sort that stupid name out. Us lot from t’up north sound absolutely ridiculous saying ‘yah yah’! Although I don’t think ‘Aye Aye’ sounds any better.


Starling should be jumping on this and integrating it in to their Marketplace.

(Dan Mullen) #16

That would be cool, seeing my credit card balance at a glance in the app, quick payments to the card, etc.


I’ve signed up to the list.

Purely a matter of style over substance. I like the app and the card. The interest rate is MUCH worse than my current card provider.

(Dotun) #18

I have 2 credit cards.

1 Tesco, 1 Barclaycard. May need to get rid of my Tesco in favour of this since, £8 for 1 Clubcard point is the ONLY reward I get with it. Bleh.

(Dotun) #19

Cofounder of Jaja visited the Monzo forums to ask questions. Shame he doesn’t know this place…

(Graham Butler ) #20

I’ve put the forum thing to him this morning.