Jaja - Tandem Alternative

(Dan Baker) #181

This is pointless definitely. Over on the Monzo forums. Dan from Tandem said they’re working on paperless statements for launch early this year. So hopefully soon this will catchup with their ‘digital bank’ mentality.

This is a shame. Amazon is unfortunately where a lot of my money goes! Does the physical card not have a static CVV allowing it to work?

But overall, other than some ‘missing’ features I really like my Tandem card.

If they add:

  • Paperless statements
  • Apple Pay (Google pay too, but just Apple is fine with me)
  • Monzo/Starling support in their aggregation section
  • Credit limit increases

It would be the perfect card for my uses. The last one is more of a precaution, but the first 3 are a must.

(Jordan Taylor) #182

Physical has a static CVV so shouldn’t have any issues with Amazon


The issue seems to be that Amazon doesn’t ask for CVV, and Jaja require it, so it gets denied, there’s no difference between the physical or virtual card if it’s not asking for CVV. Both versions have a CVV, whereas the virtual one changes regularly.

Tandem feels like a credit card with an app added on top, Jaja feels like the reverse, if that makes sense?


It’s a new bug, Curve notification used to appear faster than Tandem. Thought it was just me.

(Glen) #185

Yes, it’s got a little better I’ve notice today.

I have to say with regards to Tandem. Their App is quite basic.

I wanted to create a DD, I opened a in-app “ticket” – Told you need phone up! I wanted to change the statement date, again told to call up. They wouldn’t do it via the app ticket as I had to go through security (via the phone). Well if I’m in the App haven’t I passed security??? wtf!

Hopefully JaJa will be much better.

(Jordan Taylor) #186

Direct debit setup is really easy.
All done via app.

I actually can’t see a date option however.

Ignore the G floating call icon. On the phone to Google trying to claim back some money!

(Glen) #187

I couldn’t see that in the IOS App?! Which is perhaps why I had to call in to set it up.

(Jordan Taylor) #188

Sorry that was Jaja I was showing.
I don’t have Tandem.

(Glen) #189

Ah ha! Thanks.


I’ve had in app pdf statements for about 2 months (I’m on Android), they still send paper statements, but have advised this is a regulatory thing at present.

(Dan Baker) #191

Apologies, I didn’t clarify. I’ve also had in app statements since I got my card (I’m on iOS). But I’m looking for the ability to not receive paper statements at all, and go digital only.


I too receive in-app PDF statements (on iOS), plus 3 sheets (6 printed pages) of paper statement through the post each month - and that’s despite there being no transactions on my credit card account - it has a nil balance :roll_eyes:

Who would have thought it would be so difficult to add a switch in-app the app to turn off paper statements?

(Dan Baker) #193

Unfortunately this is the case. Through their current set up, it is regulatory, they’re seeking to change it. But for now it’s not possible.


Anybody on the waiting (or investor) list been onboarded for the beta this week?

I’ve just been slipping down the queue even more… from 18 to about 25 now!


To be honest I don’t bother even checking the list anymore.

Everytime I do, I’ve gone down.

(Dan Mullen) #196

From their Twitter account:

Hi guys! Glad you’re :black_heart:ing the card :muscle: Amazon purchases work fine with the physical card, that’s right! For security reasons, virtual card purchases don’t work with Amazon until you’ve activated your physical card, but from that point on you’re good to go!


I don’t suppose you’ve heard any intention from them to release disposable cards?

(Dan Mullen) #198

I haven’t. Their intention is to be the best credit card on the market so this is something they may consider. They are going to be launching a forum so that would be a good place to suggest this once it’s live.


The notification bug on foreign transactions has been fixed.

(Glen) #200

… this thread suggests as a Tandem alternative. Longterm, is JaJa going to be offering cash back similar to Tandem? What is the deal with the longterm incentives?