Jaja - Tandem Alternative

(Dan Mullen) #201

I’ve spoken to them today and onboarding was put on hold last week to allow for some major upgrades. They will be sending invites out again from next week and are committed to onboarding all 7,000+ waitlist customers before the end of the month. They said they won’t launch to the public until everyone on the waitlist has had proper early access.


I’m not on the beta yet but I’ve been following Jaja since the start of this thread. I’ve never really thought of it as a Tandem alternative perhaps because Tandem never really interested me.

Jaja does interest me. For me, the main attraction of is it looks like it will provide the type of features present in Monzo and Starling apps (instant balance updating, rich transaction information, etc) but in credit card form.

(Glen) #203

Agreed. I have Monzo, Starling, N26. Starling I use as my “main” account. It’s just so feature rich! Monzo, although it has nice features - it’s still misses the basics.

So hopefully Jaja, can fill the credit card arena with a feature-rich app as Starling have done with their banking app.

I look forward to getting my invite (soon?? :wink: )


All of which Tandem do. And Tandem now has a linked instant access savings account with round up functionality.


Yet it has won best app at the banking awards. Go figure


So much is subjective here.

For me, Monzo is the best app - It’s the only reason I use it.

“Best current account” is much harder to vote on as they all do so many similar things!

Not sure how it’s voted though!


What does tandem have by way of rich transaction information? I’ve never used the card or app myself but based on screenshots I see online have never got the impression it has anything special when it comes to transaction information.

The kind of things I’d like to see on the transaction list or transaction page are unambiguous transactions names, merchant logos, transaction location on map, notes field, transaction tags/categories, and link to transaction history with the merchant.

(Glen) #208

Can you save payee’s? If you can please let me know how! I don’t want “recent payee’s” – I want to be able to save my payee’s.

From when I last used Monzo, you couldn’t do this.

(Glen) #209

Yes it supports instant notifications, which are great.


:-1:(but they are apparently working on this) I personally would not choose the Monzo app as best banking app, but as Nick says everyone is different


I mean - the NatWest app had that distinction for a number of years, if I remember correctly. Tells you something about the subjectiveness of the awards …


@danmullen I am genuinely grateful to you for asking and posting this on our behalf. It’s nice to know whats happening.

I just ask myself why JAJA couldn’t have posted this news on their twitter feed (or here, or on their seedrs discussion space). I mean… wouldn’t it be the obvious thing to do?

Alternatively, shouldn’t they be bunging you a few quid for keeping the world informed? I’d be billing them if I were you. :slight_smile:

(Dan Mullen) #213

Haha, thanks @Joely :slightly_smiling_face: I think they’re genuinely trying to launch a really good, polished product, hence the slight delays. I agree that some communication about what’s going on would be useful. I’ll keep updating this thread as and when I find anything else out :+1:t2:


I’ve had a few transactions go through but no sign of them in the app or notifications.


I’m finding a lot of my transactions seem be processed offline, so no notification and my balance isn’t updated instantly, whereas paying by Amex and Apple Pay has resulted in a notification every time.


Only (more) stupidly annoying slippage on the waiting list so far this week. Let’s see if JAJA live up to what they said they would do last week and restart on boarding in greater numbers.

For those inside the beta-testing circle and happy with the product I can see why you would be pleased and impressed.

For the rest of us - investors and waiters - lack of communication is forming quite different impressions.


Well said.

(Dotun) #218

Has anybody wandered this? How is Jaja, a “Tandem alternative?”

Does Jaja provide cashback? Or is it just because both cards are fee-free abroad?


Yeah, the only way I see Jaja as a Tandem alternative is if you want a credit card with a decent app but have an aversion to banks that have been around for more than 5 years… Personally, Jaja has no appeal to me


I was hoping they would have better customer service than Tandem, but if the waitlist is anything to go by, I somehow doubt they care about customer service.