Jaja - Tandem Alternative

(Derpa Derp) #221

I’ll have my Dozens account before I get my JaJa one :joy_cat:

(DΛVΞ) #222

I’ve been patiently waiting for my turn to get access to the app, but because I didn’t jump through any of the referral hoops after I signed up, I’m still way down the line. I did email a couple of times, but just got a “we’ll be in touch” message back. Must say that a bit most of my initial enthusiasm has gone now, which is a shame :pensive:


I’ve already got Dozens well ahead of JAJA.

The Dozens activation code came while the queueing system still showed me in the 3000s. And I was never messed around with a ‘queue that isn’t a queue’ waiting list

Exceed expectations, give the punters a nice surprise, create goodwill - that’s the difference in attitude.

I’ve said it many times before that JAJA is still effectively a small scale closed beta, but acting like it isn’t. All kind of mixed messages, tweeting how great it is long before investors and the waiting list can try it out.

The communications strategy is appalling.

(Derpa Derp) #224

My Dozens code is on its way today so I hear


Sadly bad marketing like this, will always leave a sour taste. A lot of the people that are on the waitlist are the people that are active in Finance and Banking, the sort of people you want to keep happy, not get them so annoyed they don’t write anything nice about it.

(Dotun) #226

Signed up for JAJA in September '18. Still waiting.
Signed up for Dozens in March. Card is on its way.

Come on man. I know they want to make the app as smooth as possible, but you said you’ll beta launch for us in October, moved to January, now moved to this week/next week blahblah.

Meanwhile I’m sliding down that list. It’s frustrating.


Dozens also did the verification process and approval before adding you to the app queue for the code.

JAJA haven’t done any of that! Therefore people could have waited months and then get declined, which would just be awful.

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Jaja were over on the Monzo thread but I’ve not seen them for ages, could pester them on there for updates?


Could we pester Jaja, for updates here?

(Derpa Derp) #230

Are they here? :eyes:

(Daniel James) #231

Yeah. I’d like to know too!

If anyone here is still on the wait list for a JaJa card and hasn’t got a Tandem one yet, email me at daniel.james@tandem.co.uk and we’ll see if I can convince you… :slight_smile:


Nice one @DanTandem! No reason you shouldn’t show up and ask that very reasonable question.

I’m a small investor in both Tandem and JAJA but - as you imply - what’s the use of an alternative that no one can get. Or a waitlist that goes backwards. :roll_eyes:

I’m hoping that Tandem will take this chance to polish up your offering. Better CS that doesn’t require phone calls, etc.

(Derpa Derp) #233

This is one thing I hate about Tandem, the smallest thing like changing DD date means calling them up, I did that and asked for money to leave my account the 1st (like everything else does) and since October 2018 they have only got it right twice.


I’ve never really felt tempted to try Tandem. A principle reason for this is I get the impression that Tandem doesn’t quite cut it as a truly modern offering. My understand is until very recently you did not provide paperless statements and the transaction information in your app is limited (when compared to the rich transaction information provided in modern banking apps like Monzo and Starling). Its also unclear to me if you provide instant transaction notifications and instant balance updates. This understanding of your app is solely based on what I hear people say on forums so may very well be inaccurate but I would say that’s your own fault. When I go to the credit card section of your website there is no demonstration of what the app looks like or what features it has. You really need a demo animation or video

Although I also have not yet used Jaja, I am more interested in it than Tandem. Based on what I see on their website and social media channels it does look to me like they will be providing a truly modern offering with features like instant balance updates, rich transaction information, and in-app management. My opinion on them may well change once I have tried their card, but my point is they have presented their modern-focussed features more effectively than Tandem (IMO).

Another draw for me is they use VISA. As a customer of a Fintech bank (Monzo) with a Mastercard Debit card, having a VISA credit card to cover occasions when there are issues with Mastercard is attractive.

(Dotun) #235

I don’t think so. I hold Amex and Barclaycard…decent credit history, yet I got rejected…twice!

And I’m not interested in that credit builder card either.


Remove your minimum income requirement for me and I’ll happily accept your 0.5% cashback card :man_shrugging: I’m not interested in the builder (not that I meet the minimum income for it) and I have enough cash and a strict budget to ensure I can afford to repay my debts.

Yet everywhere will reject me regardless, including Tandem :man_shrugging:

(l8n.me) #237



Is there another place to learn about and view the the credit card features of their app without getting the card?

(l8n.me) #239

I’d try the back of a cigarette packet or the wall in the gents before I base my understanding from what people say on most forums to be fair (I love you all really), but hey, whatever floats your boat!


If JAJA are here then they are not payiong much attention to the people they hope will be customers.

JAJA was last seen on Seedrs on 29 Jan, posting this:

We’ll continue to invite testers from both groups in batches; numbers will be small to start with but we’ll be gradually increasing the amount of invites per batch. The whole process is due to be completed by early March, so keep an eye on your inbox. We’re really looking forward to having you on board!

I wonder would those on here who are current beta testers would mind approaching JAJA for an update and then let us know.