Jaja - Tandem Alternative

(Lawrence Ferguson) #21

Hey guys…it’s been too long since we all joined another fintech queue…

(Referral) £10 cashback for first 5,000…there’s 2.5k signed up at moment…

Always on the look out for the best rates in a credit card, though nothing has stopped my using my Clarity card yet, not even Tandem that gathers dust in a drawer…(need to remember to close it…)


I’ve been thinking about this one more and more.

It won’t replace my Amex, and I wonder if I’ll trust it enough to replace my backup (currently a FD credit card).

I’ll probably sign up, but I don’t like to have credit cards open, and not doing anything, so I’m still on the fence.

(Dan Mullen) #23

I think this will be my go to card when Amex isn’t accepted. I like the Starling-like features such as instant notifications. Also, I’d use this abroad ahead of my Amex due to the lack of fees.


It’s a Visa card, so for them times Mastercard doesn’t work, and I’ve had the issue myself a few times over the last year, it would come in handy. In fact only this week I’ve had to revert to Visa for payments, so with Tandem and this I have both cards covered. Although I’m keeping my Barclaycard because its been reliable all my life.


The card looks pretty, but why would you not use a Tandem card instead? Same 0% FX, with an extra 0.5% refunded each month.


I think this is my main concern.

Amex acceptance in the UK is virtually everywhere I shop. But for those rare times it isn’t accepted, would I want to rely on a “fintech” which may have more problems than something as reliable as a Barclaycard or First Direct credit card.

Perhaps my view is skewed based on the amount of “downtime” I’ve seen from the various Fintechs like Monzo/Starling/Curve.

I may be wrong, but isn’t Tandem Mastercard only? I think people would want the safety of a VISA as well.


I have a Tandem card, its customer service is the worst of any bank or finance company I have dealt with over the years. It has very limited support including none at weekends or in the evenings. So I don’t use my Tandem card anymore, its not worth the hassle for that bit of cashback.


Yeah, they don’t have a great reputation - but who does in this fintech space? Even Amex are offshoring, and the support I’ve gotten from Starling has been rotten. But although I have loads of credit cards, I don’t really ever need to contact them - everything just works via direct debit. I’d take 0.5% cashback for the risk of having to call over disputed transactions!


I’ve had to contact Tandem more than once, I’m glad you haven’t had to, but if you do, then I wish you luck.


I’m hoping I haven’t jinxed it :sweat_smile:

(Dotun) #31

I can’t get a Tandem card for some reason. They keep rejecting me, even though I have a very good record of paying loans and credit in time. If Tesco and Barclaycard can see that, I don’t know why Tandem can’t. But, I’m glad Tandem rejected me, I’d rather have Jaja by the looks of things.

Oh, and Tandem’s a Mastercard. I have Curve under Barclaycard for that.

(Graham Butler ) #32

Look at what I’ve got. :grin:

A chance to get rich…?



lol I got the same, I’ll invest a bit, I like the sound of it, don’t know why, but a new card, mobile only, sounds like something that could take off if done right.

(Dotun) #34

Any updates with this?


Did anyone invest? I got 50~ shares and I’m wondering if anyone else bothered investing

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #36

Looks like they’re getting ready to launch. Here are some excerpts from the email I received earlier

When can I get my Jaja Card?

We’re happy to tell you that our app and card are currently being trialled by a limited number of Jaja staff and it’s working well! We’re taking this opportunity to polish and tweak based on the feedback this is generating. We’re also about to begin onboarding a limited number of business partners, friends and family, to continue this preliminary beta testing.

While we were initially aiming for a broader beta launch in November and public launch in January, these phases will now take place in the first quarter of 2019.

This is due in part to our ongoing project with Asda (read more below!) but also due to the great feedback we’re getting from our 1000+ Seedrs investors, and new Jaja enthusiasts. We want to incorporate this feedback into the app so that we can give you guys the best experience possible. Read a little more about the timeline and our rationale for the slight changes on our blog.

We’re always looking for more ways to get feedback from our customers and improve your experience. We’ve been evaluating the opportunity of opening a Jaja Community Forum for you - we would love if you could take this (very quick we promise) survey about whether you’d use such a forum and what you’d like it to be.


Please Jaja don’t do this to me I don’t need any more hard searches on my credit report :sob:

I recall actually that Jaja would be going down the route of soft searches and not hard searches :thinking: and then offering it if they thought you were alright by their standards.

(Dan Mullen) #38

I got the same email. Looking forward to this, sounds like it’ll be January now.

(Manda) #39

Had this email too.

(Graham Butler ) #40

Stop press:

Jaja Card to be issued through N26…:flushed: