Jaja - Tandem Alternative


Is this an actual thing? :thinking:


What’s the source?


So an upcoming botched launch and CS that can’t seem to sort anything out without a week at minimum wait? :rofl:

(Manda) #44

Sounds like a great plan JAJa

(Graham Butler ) #45

I’m pleased to say that’s fake news :grinning:


u can use my referral here

(Dan Mullen) #47

I’m number 9 on the waiting list. Really looking forward to this, looks like a really good app.


Bored of waiting for Jaja. Was 79 now 180 in line. Remind me, wasn’t there mension of a Starling credit card during an interview with Anne Boden or something? That slightly excites me.

(Dan Mullen) #49

Yes, summer next year.

(Derpa Derp) #50

I signed up for JaJa YaYa or however you wanna say it.

I dunno where I am in the queue though


Still looking forward to this one, though I’m slowing dropping down the list. I don’t like the spam your friends and get bumped up approach.

(Dan Mullen) #52

Someone over on Monzo’s forum posted that they are now number 7 in the waitlist. However, my page tells me that I am number 7 on the waitlist.

I have no reason to disbelieve the guy - in fact, he posted a screenshot. This leaves me thinking that their waitlist may in fact be BS. Disappointing if true as I’ve been really looking forward to this service :confused:


Out of interest, how would you fit it into your card usage?


I’m shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you …


I hope Jaja wait list is legitimate because I invested in them and I can’t have their launch snuffed lmai

(Dan Mullen) #56

It could potentially be my go-to spending card. I get cashback with Amex but I got higher interest with Nationwide yet I switched to Starling for the modern app and other benefits.

That said, I’m looking forward to the Starling credit card even more :slightly_smiling_face:


When I look at your spot in the waitlist (we can check each other as waitlist page is just a URL incorporating referral code) you are number 8.

Perhaps clear your cache and try again

(Dan Mullen) #58

I see that also now. I wish I had taken a screenshot as I have been number 7 for ages and was definitely number 7 when the other guy reported he was in that position also. I made a point of refreshing the page, even checked on another browser, as it was odd that we were both in the same position.

I stayed in position 7 for quite a while until I posted about it. Hate to get all tin-hat wearing, conspiracy theorist about it but it seems a bit fishy to me!


Well I’m way down in the 50s and slipping further daily.


I have no idea where I am, and don’t matter, the position probably makes no difference, unless they accept one person a day lol