Jaja - Tandem Alternative

(l8n.me) #61

We call that the Freetrade way…

(Neil) #62

They still seem to be (just) below their first 5000 to get cashback.


Jaja say they’ll be making an announcement this week with more details.


They can get stuffed. I now have zero interest due to the way the silly beggars have been pissing about with the queueing system. The incoming Starling offering has just killed that idea off for me too.


Any details around the starling offering?

(Dan Mullen) #66

None yet as far as I’m aware.


I haven’t been following them, but have they done something different to the rest of the bunch?

I mean, Starlings Euro accounts (amongst other features), have been “coming soon” for ages.

Is it any different to Jaja in that respect?


Just all this moving in the queue and being bumped when referring others. I’m sure it’s pretty normal, but it makes me feel like saying ‘screw you!’.

(Dan Mullen) #69

Someone from Jaja got in touch with me today and invited me to pop by their offices for some lunch and to see a demo of the app. Given I live at the other end of the country, we’re going to have a video call instead :smiley:

Scheduled it for tomorrow afternoon so it’ll be interesting to see how the app works and how the whole product hangs together. Hoping for my invite to open an account soon too.

(Ben Prater) #70

That’s cool to hear, looking forward to getting a card also.


Nice. Look forward to your feedback on it.


And the screen recording of the app :wink:


So how was your chat, @danmullen? :grin:

(Dan Mullen) #74

It was really good, ended up chatting for about an hour with two of the guys at Jaja. Saw a demo of the app and saw the actual physical card, which looks really nice. The app itself is very clean, nice transaction feed with good looking category icons, though I believe merchant icons can/will be displayed.

The credit sharing facility sounds really useful. They asked me a number of questions and seemed to really value the feedback. Hopefully going to get my invite to the app next week in the first batch of users - they’re going to onboard a small batch from the top of the waitlist then bring more people on each week until the public launch at the end of of March.

It’s very much a beta phase before the wider launch so it’s an opportunity for the early adopters to help shape the product and iron out any remaining bugs. Really sounds like they’ve given a lot of thought to the launch and I would expect it to be a pretty polished product by the time it’s launched to the general public.

I’m hopefully going to be involved in a few more discussions with them, possibly a face to face meeting at their offices too. Overall I got a really good impression of them as a team/company and think they’ll be really receptive to feedback, criticism, ideas, etc. They’ll also be launching their own online community :+1:t2:


Thanks @danmullen. It does sound interesting. I’m probably not far up the list for next week (and I keep dropping) so look forward to trying it soon though. I’ve seen images of the card on their advertising and it does look nice!

(Dave Alderton) #76

I popped in to see the team in London today. It was great to meet them especially ToTo (beautiful dog)!!

I found everyone very welcoming and eager to listen and take feedback. The product looks good so far and as with all product in beta, will evolve over the coming weeks.

I am number 3 in the queue and I think the plan is to let us loose on the app next week.

I think the team recognise the need to communicate so the forum, as Dan said should be good. I think they are very aware of both the positives and negatives of other companies launches and approaches to communication.

While it is frustrating that the launch has been slightly longer than initially planned, I think the extra time will allow a more polished product at launch.

I wish them well and hope it works out for them!


I’m dropping down about 5 places every day, I need more friends who want a credit card!

(Dan Mullen) #78

Invites are imminent…

(Dan Mullen) #79

Upper limit during the first two weeks of beta testing is £500. Afterwards, limits will be set between £250 and £20,000 depending on credit rating.

Onboarding is really quick and easy. Had my account up and running with digital card details in a few minutes.

The app is really well laid out, looks nice and slick. A few features won’t be live during the beta phase, such as credit sharing, but they’ll be ready for the public launch at the end of March.

Had a minor issue with the DPI settings on my phone. Changed my settings until a fix is ready (devs currently working on it).

Overall I’m really impressed and looking forward to how everything develops over the coming months.

(Liam) #80

I like that. It’s a nice and clean layout.

Especially like the prominence given to the ‘next repayment’ amount and the ‘make a payment’ button. They’ve made them front and centre - just like they should be on a credit card (the word ‘minimum’ would be welcome though!).

I would have liked to have seen the ‘balance spent’ figure and the ‘available to spend’ figure swapped round in terms of prominence. I feel the important numbers with a credit card should be how much you owe, over how much debt they will let you take out.

Not so fond of the buttons along the bottom. It’s a little alien on Android.