Jaja - Tandem Alternative


@danmullen are you able to set up a direct debit to make sure it gets paid off in full monthly?

(Dan Mullen) #82

I gave my bank details in the last part of the onboarding process and it’s been set up. You can also make payments in the app via debit card.


Can you put your CC bill on an Amex?

(Dave Alderton) #84

I have been playing with it as well tonight. A good start there are a few bugs and some ideas I have fed back.

DD will be available but not in the beta at the moment. Have made a card repayment and that was easy and you can save you card or cards so you don’t have to keep remembering the details.

Notifications are instant and the freezing unfreezing works well.

I like it so far.

(Dan Mullen) #85

I doubt it - you can’t normally pay off a credit card with another credit card.

My DD is set up but I don’t think you can edit it in the app during this beta phase. Did it ask you for bank details at the end of onboarding?

(Dave Alderton) #86

Yes it did.

This is from the email they sent

Right now, you won’t be able to setup a Direct Debit payment. Also, you will have to wait until the spring for SmartPrompts and Credit Sharing. Logos will start to appear for different brands their transactions relate to shortly.

In the app it says it is set up but it not showing on my bank yet.


I hope Jaja actually accept me :joy:

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #88

I’m still 2199 in the queue. My friends would be pretty pissed if I spammed them with invites

(Dan Mullen) #89

@Dave_Alderton I think the setup instructions are perhaps slightly misleading as it shows the DD as being set up. However, when you click on it, it doesn’t do anything. I believe that will eventually take you to a screen that lets you change the DD details.

(Dave Alderton) #90

I agree, I think it will do this as part of the set up. Not sure if I would want an automatic DD set up. Would rather have an option.

Maybe it won’t to it at set up but they will hold those details behind the scenes so that when you go to set it up it’s a one click process.

(Dan Mullen) #91

For anyone who has had issues like me, whereby you need to change your display settings to “small” in order to open the app, I’m told the devs are pushing a fix to Dev tomorrow with a view to hopefully releasing to Production on Thursday.

(Dave Alderton) #92

My card arrived this morning. Seems nice enough, all details are on the back.

Will give it a test later on!

(Dan Mullen) #93

Mine also arrived but after I’d left for work.


They haven’t even sent me my invite yet I’m not happy with Jaja right now :pensive:

(Dave Alderton) #95

To be fair I think they have only onboarded 10 or 20 people outside of staff and Investors.

It is still quite Beta at the moment but the core elements are good so I can see it only being a few weeks until this gets properly opened up.

(Dan Mullen) #96

Got my card today.

In the app, I like the search functionality and the ability to tag transactions. It’s a nice, simple, clean interface.


I’ve seen all the explanations about how the beta launch is being handled and I think I will like the product, from what I have heard. But I am quite disappointed by the way they are doing it.

By all means have a closed beta. That’s what JAJA said they were doing among staff and selected people in Nov and Dec).

But for the rest of us (investors and waiting list punters) it has been an example of how not to manage a beta product launch. The endless teases and up-and-down waiting list must be generating a bit of bad feeling.

It said on their waiting list sign up: “Congratulations! You’re on the waiting list.” … “Your invitation will be sent in the order that you’re placed in the waiting list queue.”

I can’t see that they have honoured this, and neither have they admitted to not honouring it.

It’s up to them who they invite and in what order, but don’t raise expectations and then do something else.

Didn’t Samuel Beckett write a play or something? “Waiting for JAJA”?

(Dan Mullen) #98

It came in very similar packaging to Starling’s old sliding card envelopes but in a more muted “natural” colour.

I like the card :smiley:

(Liam) #99

It does look very premium.


I do like the look of the card.

Would be nice to get a bit more of an update from Jaja, the beta and investor list doesn’t seem to be moving much, and I have a few weekend breaks coming up :grinning: