Jaja - Tandem Alternative

(Dotun) #101

Goodness sake Jaja! Where’s my invite already?? Been waiting since October!


No movement on the list this week.


(reposting what I posted on the Monzo forums)

Got my invite yesterday - here’s my first thoughts… Let me know if you have any questions!

So first experiences buying a top on ASOS, very nice. I got invited today so no physical card yet, however there’s the in-app virtual card. CVV seems to change every time I view it which is a nice touch.

I initially tried buying a USB-C cable on Amazon but Amazon kept rejecting my card, presumably because Amazon charge X minutes later and the CVV has changed? But on 2nd thoughts, Amazon doesn’t even ask for my CVV?

Here’s some screenshots:

and the notification:

Seems like everyone is getting a £500 limit during the beta, to then be re-evaluated after (between £250 and £20k).

I also setup a Direct Debit, which was a very smooth experience. An hour or two after setting up the DD, I received the following email:

Asked them about it, they said they’re working on fixing it.


Additionally, I asked them about the Amazon issue this morning. Here’s what I got back:


So JaJa have set up their systems in a way that they know will lead to all payments through (one of) the largest retailers in the country to be declined? That doesn’t seem very clever or forward thinking to me…


To be fair, I have a feeling it’s partly Amazons issue too - they don’t ask for CVVs. I’m assuming it’ll work once I have my physical card.


That’s well known though. And JaJa should’ve had the foresight.

Also, if a merchant doesn’t ask for cvv (and amazon is far from the only one who doesn’t) the fraud risk is theirs, not the bank’s.


Amazon isn’t the only company, its just the biggest that doesn’t ask for the CVV.

Jaja as a new card issuer, should know that the CVV isn’t ask by many retailers. More so in other countries around the world but especially knowing Amazon doesn’t as one of the biggest retailers in the world.

I bet everyone in Jaja has used Amazon, so it can’t even be the fact well we didn’t know.

(Dan Mullen) #109

I suspect it’s just the digital card that will have this issue. I’ll buy something with my physical card as a test.


It still won’t need a CVV though, so not sure how it would be different?

(Kevyn) #111

This is the point I made on the Monzo forums. Using either the virtual or physical card on Amazon shouldn’t matter when it comes to the CVV as you do not enter it at all. It should just work with either method or Jaja are blocking any transaction with no CVV.


(reposting on Monzo forums again, I know some of you only read this :thumbsup:)

So had more use of the (virtual) card today (no physical card yet. I’m hoping tomorrow (monday)!). Made a purchase @ Ali Express in USD.

Found an interesting bug/visual glitch:

Tells me 63.78 USD, however it was 63.78 GBP converted from 82.71 USD.

Also made a purchase at H&M, in which I experienced the 3D Secure flow:


Isn’t that 3378


hah, almost :stuck_out_tongue:


8378 then!!


nope… :wink:


0378, my final attempt!


Clearly 0378. Though I’m not sure why Tommy blurred it out, was he worried that we might authorise his H&M purchase? :smile: You can’t just use the code to authorise something else!


You’ve got it :wink:

Was just blurring anything, unsure why I blurred it too :wink:


Still waiting for the card.

Has anyone been given any rough timeline when we’ll see increased credit limits? I’ll cancel my Tandem card once I get a decent limit where I can use the card when on holiday and for pre-auths at hotels.