Jaja - Tandem Alternative


I think they should have done like an eligibility checker when people signed up for the waiting list. It could have shown them their likelihood of approval.

Some people have been waiting months to get an invite code, and imagine if they get declined at the end of it.


It’s probably going to happen to me, to be honest. I’m going to try contest it though with Jaja on the grounds I’ll always have the funds to repay it (since I imagine they’ll actually review things)


Me too.

March? They’re saying out of beta.

Is your credit score bad? I’m honestly surprised I got approved.


Yeah, turns out being young and into banks n shit really drops your credit score.

I’ve opened 4 credit accounts within the last 6 months :roll_eyes: aka current accounts (metro, nationwide (the only one with an overdraft)) as well as my mobile contract (O2) and a mail order that I opened for one thing that I ended up returning and buying in cash.

On top of that I have no settled accounts (of which that mail order will be, within the next year or two)

That and my income which comes in cash as far as HMRC is concerned so it’s not considered as good to lenders, I think


Interesting comment.


I mean, it’s as far as I’m concerned too, to be fair. It’s just I pay it into the bank every week or two! :sweat_smile:

So my income is detected weirdly by Experian etc (yes I’m on the books)


Jaja do seem to have gone a bit quiet on the forums, would be good to get an update as to how it’s all going. Anyone heard from them recently?


Think I saw Mr JaJa himself (@danmullen) say that the public release was scheduled for end of March!


Yes, be interesting to see if they can ramp up the beta invites before then though. At the current rate I can’t see how that can be achieved.

(Dan Mullen) #130

Yes, end of March is the planned public launch.

Mr Jaja :joy: When I spoke with them they referenced a post of mine where I said I “can’t wait for Jaja as it could become my main goto credit card, at least until Starling’s comes along”… AWKWARD :rofl:



Well it’s up to them to make it indispensable!

Although, given (from what I can tell), the only thing JAJA is good for is effectively a “challenger bank app” in credit card form… As long as Starling don’t drop the ball… I’d imagine it would be very hard to stick with JAJA…

(Dan Mullen) #132

We shall see. That’s basically what I said - if the product develops and becomes the best credit card out there, why would I switch?


What does “best credit card” mean to you?

I’m all about those sweet sweet rewards - That’s my number 1 priority.

Number 2 is probably instant notifications (or at least updating the app in real time - None of this unknown pending malarky).

After that… It’s really just a nice slick app.

I’m not sure how JAJA can make themselves indispensable here?

(Dan Mullen) #134

The instant notifications and real time transaction list are a big one for me. I do like the rewards I get with my Amex but I always like to have a non-Amex card for those places that don’t accept it.

The credit sharing facility looks really interesting so I’m keen to see how that develops.


Any idea how this is going to work yet?

(Dan Mullen) #136

Not yet - the little information I got was that it could be used to give a son or daughter an available amount to spend. The powerful part is when you can potentially limit this spend to shops, transport, etc. and block pubs and clubs.


My card has arrived, shipped from Germany with a return address in Norway, so I guess that explains why it took a little longer.

(sam) #138

That definitely effects how your bank view your worthiness. My bank couldn’t get their head around the fact I don’t have a set pay day. When there’s a need I’ll transfer from my business, never missed a payment on anything but to them I was as good as unemployed.
To other lenders they’ll see your payslips / bank statements that you provide so it kind of depends what they show. Are you self employed or employed?


Employed :ok_hand:t2: my boss is a famous hater of card and having any money in the bank because VAT ruins small businesses :money_mouth_face:

(sam) #140

Are you getting payslips?