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(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #141

Got this email a little while ago


By the time I get invited Starling would have launched a credit card, and I’ve been in the top 100 for ever lol

It’s the slowest invite process ever. They haven’t invited in order, so I personally don’t see the point of a public wait list.

(Don't Bullshirt Me, I know what the Fork is going on here!) #143

I haven’t moved in position since I signed up. It’s slower than the N26 waitlist and that’s saying something


Exactly what I think too. They can stick it up their arse. I’m no longer interested due to their stupid games. I’ve been up and down the list more than a bride’s nighty on her wedding night.


The problem is, by the time we get invited, we are automatically annoyed with the process, that even if its a great card, the moment a new company comes along and offers the same everyone will jump ship, because people remember the struggles. The whole point of a countdown, is to get excited about getting closer to 1, not be 77 today and 84 tomorrow.


They haven’t asked me anything about my experience so far.


Yes he gave me some when I needed to prove my income for the government. I do have to basically beg the accountant for them though, I don’t even know when my official employment started.


In other news, received my card today!


Looks a little 90’s looking doesn’t it?

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looks a little…


(Dan Mullen) #152

You can give feedback through the app or by emailing feedback@jajafinance.com.

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I seem to have got to 49 then now back at 51 grr, i give up…


I’ve been on the waiting list forever, and also a (very small) seedrs investor in jaja.

I absolutely understand the need to test out the product and make important changes before it was in the hands of too many people. It also seems that they are doing a very thorough job of this.

But the handling of the whole waiting list, etc is just terrible.

What they are doing now, a test with a very small number of users (effectively a closed beta) is what they claimed they would be doing in November and December.


@danmullen as you’ve had some tea with one of the founders, could you slip in that they might want to have a look at here? Most people aren’t as patient as us :sweat_smile: so if we’re starting to get disillusioned, others are probably angrier.

(Dan Mullen) #156

Well, firstly, I didn’t have tea with them :slightly_smiling_face:

Secondly, they definitely have staff on here already. They may not be active posters but I’ve seen at least one liking posts :+1:t2:


To put it bluntly, its a piss poor system, its not frozen once they reached the 5000 so in theory you can forever be going further down the list rather than up. Poor management of expectations from the start, you can’t sugar coat that.

I was 77 I’m now 79.


It’ll be interesting to see when they add Google Pay. I know Apple Pay won’t be discussed and it’ll just appear, but hopefully Google Pay will be a good start and show it’s progressing.

If Jaja are reading this, you might want to rename Android Pay on your Feature list to Google Pay. :smiley:

(Dan Mullen) #159

I believe digital wallet support is planned for after the public launch.


Yes, that’s what their features page says.