Jaja - Tandem Alternative


Sorry they invited you for some tea but you went for a voice call in the end, didn’t you?

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No one invites me for tea. Tandem offered pizza but I know what their offices are like; a physical representation of their app, so I politely declined. I still wonder about that pizza to this day, just in case I missed out. There’s nothing worse than turning down good pizza. I somehow doubt it was, but there’s always an outside chance. No offers of fintech tea though. Ya lucky get @danmullen.


Some straight talking about JAJA…

Thinking seriously about the JAJA onboarding of their waiting list and seedrs investors:

Possibility 1. The beta and onboarding is on schedule and as was planned all along.

To date the posts in various fora and on Twitter have inferred that they are aware of impatience on the part of putative early-adopters. But they have not said explicitly that there have been delays or any indication of a change of plan. They continue to post on Twitter with comments and compliments from enthusiastic ‘pioneers’. These seem to often be more sizeable seedrs investors or fintech ‘influencers’.

If everything is going according to plan I worry about the company’s awareness of the need for good public relations management. Perhaps I am wrong, but early adopters of fintech tend also to be those who will set in motion a positive reputation loop (cf Monzo) or an atmosphere of gloom and criticism (cf N26 UK). This can make or break a new product, especially in fintech.

At this point JAJA should be beginning to balance the technical demands of their chosen beta testing strategy and the public relations cost of delays. It they are not doing this then I really worry of they have what it takes in business, even if technically the product is very good.

Possibility 2. There have been serious slippages in beta testing strategy and anticipated rollout times. They are seriously behind schedule.

I suspect this is likely. And, of course, it is forgiveable. The kind of person who is an early-adopter / beta tester will have seen this many times before. In fact, it’s the most common state of affairs.

However, if this is the case then the lack of frankness is particularly resented by the kind of person JAJA most needs to understand and support them at this stage of the journey. The strange ‘waiting list’ (that isn’t a waiting list) will alienate those whom JAJA most need to crow their virtues.

More seriously, those seedrs investors (who are not the big boys) have an absolute right to be kept informed of actual progress towards the advertised goals of the company. These people are actual JAJA shareholders and if JAJA is not transparent with them. Well…

Anyway, I seriously hope JAJA have what it takes. I’m still prepared to be wow-ed by a company I can trust and speak well of. I hope there is a sense of crisis and broken promises at JAJA, and a determination to do better and more transparently.

The next week or so will tell.


Any investor can go down JaJa offices for tea :thinking: including me

AFAIK as long as you mention you’re coming it isn’t an issue.

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I did not know that! I shall be down tomorrow for breakfast I’m that case, stretch the definition of tea to it’s limits…


Public betas always run the risk of failing because they set expectations. Which in this case, Jaja have handled horrendously. Originally it was the first 5000 to register would get £10 cashback. Now its everyone on the waitlist gets the £10

It was you join the list and you would move up the list, now its you join the list and you just see yourself moving down the list.

For example earlier today I was 79 the other day 77 now I’m 81.

You don’t expect to constantly get pushed back and back, its not what people expect. Early adopters are often more flexible as they have seen it before, but like you say they are also the ones that are going to be interested and going to be the ones that are able to push them ahead.

I know a few early adopters of finetechs that literally have hundreds of thousands of followers, they don’t tend to bother tweeting, facebooking etc about the ones like Jaja until its established, because of issues like this at the start. In fact one person I know manages a page with over a million followers. I need to ask him about Jaja actually.

(Jordan Taylor) #167

I was mentioned on their first ever pioneer post and I’ve not invested anything other than my time. They’ve been genuinely interested in feedback and I think they’re taking their time in making sure they everything works correctly.

Both @danmullen and I experienced a major bug in their first beta release, which was related to display sizing. This was fixed promptly following our feedback.

My experience so far has been really good, using both virtual card and physical. The app is one of the best credit card apps I’ve used and while there’s still some polish needed, it works quite well.


@jtaylor69 That’s great! And glad that bugs are being speedily fixed.

I appreciate your contribution to the picture of what’s happening. It does rather confirm most of what I am saying, I think.

Have you any thoughts about the PR aspects of the whole beta rollout?

(Jordan Taylor) #169

You’re welcome!
I think the waitlist has its perks and also its disadvantages too.

It feels that JAJA are really taking their time to understand their users and gain feedback in small groups initially, as we’ve found out.

The disadvantage of the waitlist is that it can set expectations and annoyance for some users, particularly when they don’t know when their turn is next and when the numbers change due to it having the ability to be influenced by referrals, or social media sign ups. The waitlist was initially small, but it appears that word of mouth is doing it’s job and the numbers have increased significantly.

With regards to what’s being posted on social media; it’s definitely genuine, particularly as I did mention about the lack of advertising surrounding the fee free foreign transactions when I had my video call. This was then mentioned on their social media profiles as they understood that they weren’t making a big deal out of a useful feature. That shows clear empathy for their users and I appreciated that they listened to my feedback.
They’ve been professional with their responses and I’ve seen many questions answered promptly.


I value your opinion @jtaylor69.

I’m still in the same place, though. I put my money into this company (not a huge amount it’s true) and I’m left piecing together what’s happening with the product from fora like this one and from social media… relying on the goodwill, kindness and openness of people like yourself.

November and December the app and card were supposed to be in closed beta with staff and friends. The kind of bugs you describe indicate a product that was not yet ready for open beta.

What excites and encourages me is that those who have had a hands on experience seem universally well-disposed.

(Jordan Taylor) #171

I believe it’s down to the joys of Android with the large array of phones of all different sizes. I don’t think the iOS version had this issue, but it was resolved very quickly and this is why beta testing exists, to find these edge cases.

Things have been moving very quickly in the last month. The app has received lots of useful updates in this short space of time.
Sometimes delays can happen, whether it’s a company big or small, but I would rather a product that works well and has taken a bit longer to release, than a rushed product full of bugs, particularly when credit is at play.

I’m also happy to answer any other questions that you may have! :slight_smile:

(Dave Alderton) #172

The beta was delayed as they were given the opportunity to be Asda’s partner. They did this and then have moved the beta on. I have visited the team and they are genuinely looking to try to release a good product. I was one of the first ones in with @danmullen.

I like the app, as others have said a few bugs and refinements needed but when I compare it to my FD credit card it is a good product.

Silly example but I paid some money off on my FD card 2 days ago and it hasn’t shown this payment yet. Do the same on JAJA and instantly updates. It just helps you run the cards easier.

I do think the waiting list was probably a good idea at the beginning as they thought they would have launched quicker but I can see how it is probably annoying now.

(Jordan Taylor) #173

Instant updates of transactions and balance is definitely what sets this product apart from the rest.
Notifications of transactions and freezing the card are also high up on the list of positives.

(Dan Mullen) #174

The instant update after making a payment is a particularly good feature. I’ve had other credit cards where I’ve made debit card payments to them and they haven’t showed for three days. Jaja is literally instant.

(Dotun) #175

Doesn’t Amex do this as well?


Amex has instant notifications, but the balance doesn’t update instantly (the good old “pending” section can take a few days).

(Glen) #177

I must say I have a Tandem Cashback card as an underlying card of Curve.

I get the Tandem notification instantly whilst there is a delay with Curve.

I like the way Tandem works as it updates your balance instantly - So none of this balance differences.

Hopefully JaJa will work the same way.


Jaja works the same way, but you can’t tell which transactions are pending or final. I did ask if they plan to change this, they just said thanks for the feedback.

(Dan Baker) #179

Does anyone here have both Tandem and Jaja?

If so, how does it compare. I have a Tandem card and Jaja seems interesting. Would like to see how they compare.


I have both, I prefer the look of jaja but I’ve not received a statement yet. Tandem still send paper statements which is a bit pointless but it does the job, and gives cashback. The amount of cashback isn’t that important to me though.

Jaja has the virtual card in app as well, which is a nice feature, with the changing CVV which I’ll probably use for online shopping, though Jaja doesn’t seem to work with Amazon yet, as they don’t use CVVs and Jaja don’t like that.

I’m still mostly using my Avios earning credit cards, but the Lloyds one is due to be cancelled soon, and I’ll probably pick Jaja as the BA Amex alternative and close Tandem.