Jumbo Privacy: Yes or No?

Just seen this app - here’s the link to their privacy policy. Got the app - done nothing with it.

Heard about it? If so, any thoughts, please. On the face of it, it’s either a god-send or frightening.


I used an earlier version of it but not for long. At that time it was mostly a way to gather shortcuts to privacy settings for various services and social media sites. Nothing that you couldn’t do by visiting each site separately.

Looks like they’ve added some ad or cookie blocking and password or 2SV code storage features and maybe breach detection. Again, all things available individually elsewhere but might be handy to have in one place.

I probably wouldn’t bother, only because I already have different apps for those things and am pretty good about tinkering with privacy settings.

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Thanks, @Matt, my instinct is to not bother (or not to bother :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

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