Keeps logging me out when I close browser

Heya @Liam - not sure if this is a Discourse thing or not but could you perhaps have a look into it?

I keep getting logged out whenever I close my browser :sweat_smile: I don’t get why the session would become invalid unless you’re sat there closing my session out or Discourse/the configuration you’re working with is somewhat askew

My browser is Safari (this only happens to me on mobile, my PC is fine) for any needed information


I’m getting this too.

Seen this a few times in the last 3 or 4 days too

Happening here as well for me on my iPhone with safari.

I think it’s a safari thing.

I use Chrome on the Mac now and I’m not getting this issue.

It’s not logging me out if the Monzo forums though and that’s discourse.

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No issues here in Chrome on both Android and Windows.

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Yeah it’s happening to me solely in Safari and solely on this forum.

Not happening on Zevvle, Emma, etc

Are you sure you’re not viewing the site in porn incognito mode?

Working fine for me - chrome on Android, windows, Linux.

Very sure!

Yes same here not viewing in incognito mode.

I was able to recreate this on Safari but I’ve been using Firefox without issue

I think there was a similar issue a few months ago after I performed an update.

It went away after rebuilding the app with a few more merges from the git. I’ll have a play later

It’s literally just Safari - which is why I wondered if it’s a configuration issue on Liam’s part.

It isn’t happening for any other Discourse Forums I’m part of!

When I had the issue a few months ago, it kept logging me out of Safari for Mac (not iOS).

I now use Chrome on the Mac and Safari on iOS and I don’t have this issue at all.

FWIW, it happened across all Discourse sites, not just FTT.

I’ve done an update. Still version 2.4.0, but we’ve gone from the +20 build to +92. See if this makes any change.

Thanks Liam my issues were same with safari on my iPhone.

I’ve noticed it here too on safari on iOS. If I close the browser and reopen it then sometimes I’ll magically be logged back in again. Could be an iOS 13 issue or an ITP 2.1 issue

Well, it’s an Apple product, so I would assume it’s not a problem with the software - rather you’re probably using it wrong.

No problems on my MBP… haven’t tried my iPhone…