Koto Card questions

An ad for this came up in one of my news feeds.
I tried to do a bit more research, but all I could find was that is a spin off from the Ukrainain Monobank.

Out of curiosity, I downloaded the app and signed up.
At the moment, it seems very similar to Boon, offering a virtual card and little else.

Any of the good people here know any more about them?

It’s just another prepaid card that offers nothing more than the other 100s of prepaid cards.

Just a fancy limited app.


So nothing I can’t already do with Revolut or Monese?

I can see this getting deleted rather quickly.

Most of the new banks provide fee free transactions abroad, which is what koto was selling last year as its main point, but Revolut, Monese, Monzo, Starling and any of the other digital banks offer similar if not more. Although obviously the ones that are not prepaid offer more protection, like Starling or Monzo.


Think it was just my slight FinTech obsession getting the better of me again :rofl:

Thanks for the info

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So I went looking for them

No app in the store? Just a signup link on their website

Can’t find anything particularly interesting on their website either tbh

It is on android, I don’t know about IOS

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I use iOS yeah so I guess that’s why

A little bit more information has come to light :upside_down_face:

Still don’t quite know what to make of them though.

As I know they haven’t released the full version with all the features yet, I saw the article that says it’s scheduled for January 2020.
Also, I am an active user of Ukrainian Monobank and it’s just great. I haven’t used Boon or any other UK solutions, but I recommend you to wait for the full version, I am sure there will be a lot of cool features.
You can check monobank’s features, to see the bigger picture of what’s it gonna look like:

Just switch to the Eng version for the convenience


Thanks for the info, looks very interesting :grin:

I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on them now to see what they offer in the UK

:+1: :+1: :+1:

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You’re welcome!
It’s my favorite product, so I couldn’t just pass by :sweat_smile:

I would also like to know what mobile banks are popular in the UK?

As far as fully fledged app based banks (actual banks with a banking licence) goes, the 3 main ones are:

  • Monzo - Probably the most popular by actual numbers. Heavily tech based and community driven.

  • Starling - A very polished product, seems to have the knack of attracting pretty large customer deposits (possibly because it pays a small amount of interest). probably the nearest to a traditional bank.

  • N26 - Established German bank which has only been in the UK for a short time.

Other FinTechs which are popular in the UK, in no particular order:

I’m sure that some of the more knowledgeable members of the forum can add to this list :slightly_smiling_face:

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