List of payees and confirmation of payee

How do people distinguish multiple payees nowadays with confirmation of payee requiring the name is correct and you can’t just add “starling to monzo” for example as the payee name

I now have multiple payees setup with the same name. E.g. to my monzo account, skipton, barclays, etc. Am I missing something?

You can add the accounts to one payee and change their descriptions. When you go to pay that person you can pick the account you want to use.


Thanks, but then I end up with a load of accounts with no way to easily see which is which?

I’ve just noticed I can set a display name in the Starling App, which I think is what I need.

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Yeah, you set the description for them to differentiate them


Customized names for:
Payee -> Payee / Manage / Edit / tap payee row / Display Name
Account -> Payee / Manage / Edit / tap Edit for account / Account Description

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