Lloyds accounts

There’s been a lot of talk about Barclays and their services but Lloyds are often talked about as being very forward thinking as well, so I thought I’d see if anyone had any experience.

I recently opened a Lloyds current account. I did this purely to use this account as a ‘CASS’ account. I’ve moved some direct debits to it and was swap the account about a bit to make some money from bank bribes and chose Lloyds for the first one because they didn’t offer a bribe.

However… I have to say, the app really isn’t that bad at all. I used cheque imaging last week for the first time ever and it was seemless. They have goals/pots style accounts, predict upcoming payments and I haven’t had sight of a single 2FA device yet, nor been into a branch. It has really surprised me

I don’t know if it’s enough to stop me chasing that free money but it shows how far behind my long standing account at NatWest really is

Anyone else any experience of Lloyds?

Perhaps an unfair opinion (as I’ve heard it’s pretty good), but my only experience recently was when I had to go into branch to close a very old account.

Upon hearing the windows 95 start up tone when they booted up the computer, I kinda wrote them off :joy:


First bank I ever used. They charged about 5p per cheque so I switched to the revolutionary free banking of Williams and Glyn’s. Lloyds provided a good service at the time.


The Lloyds App is their 2FA device.

I’ve maintained an account with Lloyds for the last 13 years. Although I have a load of other Fintech and non Fintech accounts my main account is and will Likely remain with them. I really don’t have any complaints except for the design of their debit card which I really don’t like


We are going back a few years as I CASS’d to Nationwide for a couple of years before they disgraced themselves in my eyes and I moved to Starling, but every single moment involving Lloyds and Halifax was like having tooth extraction without any kind of anesthetic. But maybe they’ve got better… we can only hope.


Imagine all the DOS games they can natively play though! :drooling_face:

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The only game they seemed interested on playing was “how many times can we mess up in an hour”.

The answer was surprisingly high.

I wasn’t expecting much, I always thought Lloyds were as bog standard as they come and I’d never had any business with them at all but yeah, seems they’ve come a long way from what some describe. Interesting to see how different everyone’s opinions are.

The app had an update in the last couple of weeks as well which changed it quite a bit as well.

Also, I quite like the black core of the card as well

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Since Barclays show my Lloyds details I don’t actually use the Lloyds app much. However as apps go its ok. Lloyds is still very backwards though, if you lock yourself out of the app, it can be long winded to get back in, including in my case a branch visit.

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Their app has had quite a few updates lately. One thing that did annoy me was how long it took them to update it for the bigger iOS devices. For as long as I remember it has showed pending transactions. You can now freeze your card with the app. I’ve held a Lloyds account for about 15 years.

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This is my biggest gripe with the high street banks, although perhaps this process has softened slightly in recent years.

It always felt like if anything was slightly out of the ordinary, there was no easy fix (having to go into Lloyds to update my address recently was a prime example).

It’s the biggest attraction of the mobile only banks by some margin.

On the most recent app update you can update your address through it.

There’s clearly progress, but I’m still going to CASS it to nationwide to get £100

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I had a slightly unique circumstance in that I wasn’t registered for online banking.

But they couldn’t sort it over the phone either - So it was all a bit of a pain!

Strange question does anyone know the number that Lloyds sends messages such as Apple Pay verification numbers from as I’m not receiving them and wanted to check I haven’t blocked the number on my phone

No number… just Lloyds Bank.
When I pressed call comes - 55 6937 2265


Ok thanks for looking

Finally able to activate my card for some reason I had that number blocked!! Thanks for helping

Just had great CS. Asked a question yesterday evening via Twitter. Immediate response and further tweets from the agent throughout the night in follow-up.

Most impressed.

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I hate it when companies prioritise support via Twitter vs their own private channels. It must be the pressure of being on public display that makes them so responsive, and customers without Twitter accounts or those who don’t want to have a discussion about their finances publicly end up getting penalised.

This is certainly not just a Lloyds issue - or indeed a phenomenon limited to only banks - it’s just that the chat service I received from them is so poor compared to the other banks I’m with, and yet your experience with their Twitter support sounds like the complete opposite.

Trying to chat with Lloyds...