Lloyds bank Save the Change



Lloyds have been doing this for years.

The difference between Starling and Lloyds is that Starling round up your payment after every transaction, whilst Lloyds only round up/save the change at the end of every day.

Halifax also does it, as does TSB, although TSB calls it “save the pennies”.

An internet search shows that Lloyds introduced Save the Change in 2007, long before Monzo or Starling etc were ever heard of. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2006/dec/05/accounts.saving


Fintech banks created the very idea of banking!



Didn’t know this.

Just noticed over the weekend that they were advertising it.

Which unfortunately could make them look like they’re playing catch up, even though they implemented the idea some time ago.

I don’t think anyone except people here would even consider this (if they didn’t know Lloyd’s already doesn’t it).

They have been advertising Save the Change in Lloyds branches for years, they even have done some major advertising campaigns over the years. It’s been enabled on my account ever since it first came out. However as Lloyds is not my main account, its never been used much.

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