Lloyds current account switching incentive

What’s the upcoming payments like on Lloyds

Thanks @Neil for the heads up on this offer. If you switched to Lloyds, how soon did you downgrade the account or switch to another bank? Cheers!

No worries.

I could have switched it away already, I’ve just been lazy :grin:

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I clearly spoke too soon. Just transferred in £1500 and then attempted to transfer it back out to my Starling account but the transfer was blocked and my account has now been suspended! On hold with the fraud team now, sigh.

Perhaps I should have CASS’d my Lloyd’s back to Starling account already.
I managed to transfer the £1500 in and out in a few seconds though.

I’ve still not gone with Lloyd’s. It’s feeling like a risky £125 and I don’t really want a other credit search at the moment.

Weird - nothing happened to me and my income is probably less than yours :thinking:

Shame I can’t switch from N26. I need a new disposable bank account.

You can switch from N26, just not under the CASS guarantee

I was thinking of moving my banking to Lloyds as I have been impressed and had no issues.

I seem to have loads of problems, apart from the credit search woes I had a load of issues trying to get logged on to my account and after multiple password resets that seemingly worked but actually did nothing I eventually decided to speak to someone who had to manually reset my account. And then I got the fraud issue on top because I apparently did “too much” in one go - set up a payee, transferred money in and then transferred out all on the same day I was actually able to use my account fully. Not to mention this weird error message it gave me in the middle of the failed transfer:

It’s all been quite frustrating and although I originally planned to keep the account running and maybe CASS it elsewhere in future I’ve had enough at this point so am going to CASS it now.

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It’s a real shame you’ve had so much hassle. The Lloyds app is one of the better ones (in my opinion) and I’ve had no problems with accounts with them and neither have my family. It’s understandable though that you’ve had enough. I think I would feel the same too.


Yeah but free cinema tickets ennit

I’ve started moving my stuff across to Lloyds

Do you change all your banking each time you switch for a bonus?

No I don’t but I have been impressed by Lloyds and I was not happy with starlings recent happenings quit their fraud.

What do you mean?

I mean due to poor @MRDANOKE experience

I had this. It was just a quick call though to sort it out

Lloyds or starling @Gaoler