Lloyds in bid to keep up with Monzo and Starling with new app features

Well, it’s all over for starling and monzo then, shouldn’t have bothered!

Anne must be rocking back and forth muttering to herself, cost base, cost base, cost base! :joy:


Features available to Android customers now but iOS users have to wait

Ha! Take my money Lloyds!

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Am I missing something ? So basically they are doing exactly what Barclays have been doing for months with account notifications.

I thought it meant instant spending notifications.

This is what I’m waiting for but I suspect they can’t do it or they don’t want to.


You already get realtime transaction information from Lloyds in app and online but I’m probably the only person on this forum that doesn’t see the need for instant notifications :grin:

I don’t see the need, I use Barclay’s as my main so instant notifications have never been important.

It’s handy though for monitoring your payments and things, but its more a convenience, rather than a need.

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Instant notifications have changed my life.
I get 20-30 payments incoming each day and it’s so much easier for me to keep track of this way.
The software I use to run my business is hopefully integrating with starling so it will automatically credit customers accounts, so at that point it won’t be as useful. I also like seeing when I spend money in case it isn’t me.

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There was a thread where this was debated and the majority said they found it very useful. I wouldn’t want to go back now.

Let’s not get started on majorities and votes :wink: but yes let’s not rehash and old topic

When will a notification with your current account balance exist (kind of like N26’s widget on iOS)

Monese offers this as an option, it just gets tagged on to the end of your spending notifications.

I have to admit, I’m a big fan of instant notifications. I found it particularly useful when I was in Dubai before Christmas. It was just nice to see the amount I’d actually spent after the conversion rate had been done, instantly. I’m off to the US in a few weeks and I can guarantee that I’ll be using my Starling card for just about every transaction I make (where I can obviously). Having those instant notifications will keep me aware of exactly what I’m spending. It’s the same with Amex, I really like the notifications.


Lloyd’s launched instant notifications for me today

Plus to see if someone else is spending your money :rofl:

I’ve been getting notifications from Lloyds (and Halifax) for a while now, but they aren’t instant. Usually they arrive an hour or two later, but sometimes they don’t come till after midnight.

From the wording in that screenshot it does not seem it will be instant notifications for all types of transactions

Finally the legacy banks are fighting back! Let’s see how this pans out…
it’s good though because it will make the fintech banks to do more and more so they are winning the race otherwise if the main
Banks catchup with all the same tech and features I think peoples loyalty for fintech would soon drop off and stay with a main / established bank

You was right! Received “instant” notification about incoming payment in 2 hours…


I turned on these notification in the app on iOS but if I close the app and then go back to the screen where you turn them on, they are turned off. Is it just me?

(by close the app I mean properly close it not just go to another app)

Ooooh, Lloyds just updated their App so one can rename their current or savings account to a name they would like. So progressive.