Lloyds versus Amazon.de


I am investigating a claim that Lloyd’s bank has made to me as a customer that I find difficult to accept.

They claim that the reason my transactions were declined is that Lloyd’s has blacklisted Amazon in Germany. My balance was more than adequate but after several years of no problem suddenly every time my transactions on Amazon.de got declined and my card blocked.

When unblocking my card they kept telling me that it was a random security check as well as other excuses. But after the 4th time I complained.

I was before I retired an IT specialist for over 30 years from programming to system design and team management. I was also a certified Microsoft SQL administrator and worked in Banking.

So when they found out that they were not talking to an idiot they told me that it was bank’s policy not to accept transactions with Amazon in Germany and they were not reviewing the policy.

So, if some one had a Lloyd’s debit card I want to ask them to test it on Amazon.de. If successful without a decline notification from later on they can cancel the purchase and let me know. Amazon does not debit accounts at the time of purchase on the fly but at the time of despatch.

I think this has been caused because of a corrupt user profile for a variety of reasons that I could explain (but it will take too long) and all it needs is resetting it to default values but Lloyd’s refuses to accept this.

So, hopefully someone can help me to prove them wrong.

What if the seller refuses my attempt to cancel?

Amazon.de will always cancel on request. They have the best customer service in the world.

The best way is to buy a gift card for yourself and then cancel it. There is no despatch involved. It is just a financial transaction that can be reversed with no cost.

I think you’d be better trying to find somebody who makes purchases by Amazon’s German site already.

Unfortunately, your set of circumstances are very specific.

You’re attempting to make a purchase from Amazon’s German site, using a British bank account and presumably as your IP shows you are in a third European country, want delivery to there.

My advice would be to use another account, if you can.

I have made purchases using two different other UK based debit cards from Amazon Germany with no problems.

Your IP argument is therefore not relevant.

This is a banking policy issue as stated by Lloyd’s bank in their correspondance with me which I find inconceivable specially that one of the other debit cards I used successfully on the same site was that of Halifax which is part of the Lloyd’s group.

Don’t you think it strange that one bank is claiming to black list a major international retail trader while another bank in the same group has no problem with the same trader?

This is a corrupted user profile in the database. BTW I am a certified SQL Administrator and I know what I am talking about. I was also a CTO of an Internet software development so please don’t teach your grand mother how to suck egg.

Lloyd’s is being a bully and making it a policy issue because that is where the financial ombudsman can not get involved.

I thought this was a nerdy channel.

You came to the forum with an issue the remedy for which included a request by you for one of us (folk you’ve never met) to make a transaction with Amazon.de.

You then rebutted legitimate views offered by an experienced forum member and concluded with a disparaging comment on the value of this channel.

I’m no SQL Administrator nor an ex-CTO but I do know how to be polite…

Your high-handed comments do you no justice.


With the greatest of respect to you, you could try being just a bit more polite. By the way, I’m not jumping into the defence of anyone here because I know regular members of this forum can look after themselves. It’s merely an observation on my part. I genuinely hope you resolve the issue re Lloyds/Amazon.

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I am sorry if I up set you.

Maybe it was too presumptuous of me to have presumed that you have ever used you bank card outside UK say while on holidays.

I am looking for co-operation of someone with a Lloyd’s bank card. That is all.

With your continuing attitude, as much as it pains me to write it, I’m guessing no one will now bother to assist you.

Have a good evening.


Again I apologise.

I thought the name of the forum: fintechtalk stands for Financial technical talk.

And the same good evening to you.

So who were they talking to…?


an IT expert who knows about SSL ports, the way Amazon works, Internet Banking system works and that I wanted to take the case to the financial ombudsman suddenly they changed their position from silly technical excuses to bank policy.

Look I will send someone who has a Lloyd’s bank card the minimum value of a gift card on Amazon Germany ((can’t include .de in the message)) via Paypal in advance and all they need to do is to purchase a gift card with and send it to me via email if and when it clears their account. They don’t have to even bother with cancelation.

If successful then I can prove that the local branch employee/manager is lying about bank policy and hopefully get them to escalate the issue to the top tier system administrators who can reset my user profile.

The problem is that my Lloyd’s card is the only Euro card that I have and my other bank cards are Sterling. Therefore every time I use them on Amazon Germany I lose money on currency as I can’t use my only Euro account debit card.

I think that as usual the local employees don’t understand how the actual system works and when something unusual happens beyond their limited training they are scared/embarrassed out of ignorance or just too lazy to escalate the matter to those above them who understand the system i.e. top tier SQL Administrators and have the authority to reset user identification profile.

I will answer any other relevant question. I just know that a bank can not black list an Amazon site without it breaking into news.

Then don’t use Amazon.de perhaps?

Definitely feels like the tail’s wagging the dog…:flushed:

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I need to spend in euro in order not to lose in Sterling as I reside in Euro zone.

I live on an island and therefore I need to rely on an online retailor for what is not readily available.

Besides you are missing the point here. The idea is to prove the bank a liar and stop them from bullying customers.

You clearly have no idea what the issue is about so please either get with the program or stay out of it.

And there I was - about to offer you my card…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


“I’ll send you some money, Buy a gift card and send it to me.” Sounds like a money laundering exercise. Be warned


We are talking one time €5 transaction for God’s sake. It has to be at least £5k to raise flag in banking anyway. You call yourself a nerd?

I hope you are joking in which case please confirm. Otherwise you might be scaring off some one from co-operating.

Honestly, I am getting progressively disappointed with this so called nerdy channel whose members are something that I would certainly not call nerd.

What is the matter with you people?

Are you so comfortable and habituated with banks bullying customers that you resort to such idiotic comments and the call them WARNING?

I don’t like to be rude but such comments really try my patience.

I am dealing with a serious issue that has caused a lot of inconvenience already.

Local banks here are awful and Malta is only couple of Kms from Sicily and all that goes with God father culture. In fact they boast here that they are better at it than their close neighbour.

Because of Lloyd’s and Brexit the fastest but almost definitely temporary quickest solution is to open a local account with a euro debit card and they still demand UK tax code which doesn’t consider a number of situations where tax code is not issued by IR.

I have been avoiding a local bank account for the last 5 years because of all the local rumours and personal interactions.

They can’t even spell customer service. Return of faulty goods, cancellation or even product guarantees are laughed at here for most of the time unless you dealing with someone nice (lots of nice people) or you have already run into because close proximity on the island.

Thank you very much for your comments and I will certainly try to be more tolerant is response to misunderstanding of the issues by the other members.

I tried to avoid too much technical details in presenting my case so that members can see that I am complaining about bullying by the bank.

But when I saw someone delving into technicalities of the issue without apparent understanding of the them I felt the same way when I was confronted with the initial excuses of the bank, i.e. that it is something technical beyond my understanding. I felt the same inappropriate attempt at condescension and maybe I over reacted.

In this day and age even teenagers have enough understanding to know that Internet has enabled a worldwide market where for example you can order flowers while on holiday away from UK in Greece to be delivered to your aunt who now lives in Canada.

Not to take that into consideration and instead delving into how IPs work is really not very intelligent.

Everyone here will be terribly upset bu the comment I’m sure.

Sorry but you failed at the first hurdle

See above comment

I thought you where in the UK using a UK bank account

Sounds like someone else who used to frequent here. Omar is that you

You’ll send me a voucher for ordering something? Sounds like money laundering to me.

hmmm :thinking:

How do you know that this is how Lloyds works. I’d be very interested what led you to “Lloyds need to reset my profile” To which profile are you referring to.

For as much as I find this whole thread very entertaining I think this is some sort of scam.

You thought wrong. It’s for the discussion of Fintech (i.e fintech platforms such as Starling, Monzo and Revolut.


All I’ve learned from this thread, is that none of us here are nerdy enough to answer your query. Quite simply, you’ve out nerded all of us because it’s clear none of us actually have a clue what it is you’re on about.

There, I’ve cleared up my own problem for you, I’m just not a nerd, and that’s clearly what is the matter with me.

I sincerely hope you find a nerdy enough channel that fulfills your criteria.

I too live on an island with about 60 million people currently residing on it, it’s the UK by the way. Which island do you reside on?