Locked out of ClearScore account

I don’t know why but as of yesterday I’m locked out of my ClearScore account. It says it’s for security reasons and to email them or sign in as a different user!

I emailed yesterday and received an automated response but no actual reply as yet.

Anyone else ever had this happen to them?

No just tried my ClearScore and got in okay. Very bizarre Dan.

Very different, of course, but I’ve been locked out for months because I signed up with an email containing the + symbol. This now appears to fail their email validation rules, so I can no longer sign in.

I have never gotten any response from them beyond the automatic confirmation email. I may try to create a new account and see if I get back in that way. Be curious to know if they’ll actually help you, because they are totally unresponsive to me.

I figure they are probably not really interested in providing support, as it’s too expensive.

@danmullen to my surprise I just got a reply to my support request with them regarding the + in the email address, about 4 weeks after the initial request, with the following opening sentence: “Sorry for the delay, we’ve had lots of interest in ClearScore recently and we appreciate your patience.”

So, you might get a response eventually …

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I just heard from them today! My account is now unlocked but no explanation as to why it was locked in the first place. I’ve asked the question…

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Actually, they’ve just come back to me with a very long email about the importance of strong passwords that begins…

"Thank you for your email.

The account could have been lock possibly due to multiple failed login attempts.

Further, I understand you suspect that your email address has been compromised."

I’ve gone back to them and said I have no idea where they got that from!

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Wow, so here comes a bit of a rant. They take security extremely un-seriously:

I was locked out of my account because I signed up with an email address containing a +, which they no longer consider a valid email address. Contacted them to enquire what to, and was told the following:

In order for you to access your account, please can you let us know if there is another email address you wish to use that does not include a special character?

The email they had on record for me was of the format nanos+clearscore@example.com.

So, I send them an email from my email address nanos@example.com (so different from the one that they had on record for me!) requesting that they update my address to clearscore@example.com.

Shortly afterwards I receive an email advising me that they had actioned this. Without any further request for verification at all.

So, ultimately for all intents and purposes I have initiated an account take over on the flimsiest of evidence. (I did reply to an email they sent to the registered address, but the “From” address that I used in my reply differed from the one they had on file for me.)

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That’s very poor, particularly considering their line of business and the fact they deal with sensitive data!

Have you formally complained?


Yep, complaint sent off last week, but no response as yet…

I don’t think their tech is very good. I had to contact them as they didn’t update my address for over a year. All my accounts started disappearing which seemed bizarre so I had a look at the profile and realised that what was happening is that I’d updated my details with the banks etc, but rather than taking this change and updating their one on file they just removed the accounts as the address was different :joy: Everything was fine with Equifax, it was just ClearScore. Their remedy which seemed even more bizarre to me was to create me a new account using the new (year old) address. Seemed very odd at the time, but the CS people were helpful and I’ve had no issues since so I just left it.

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