Locked out

I received an email today to let me know I’m one of 500 people to be given access to the new sole trader toolkit free of charge for the first 5 years. Tried to login to online banking and I’ve ended up having to go through the whole ID process for some reason - name, phone number, video selfie… I’m currently locked out of my account while they check my details. Pretty frustrating :unamused:

Ouch. Let’s hope they’re learning from the frustrations of you front-runners. :flushed:

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Never be the guinea pig!!

Today I’ve left Starling, did a CA switch to HSBC Premier. Just found Starling lacking, nice App but that was about it…

Should have updated this to say I got back into my account but not until the following morning. Not a big deal on this occasion but very frustrating.

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Found HSBC app clunky and out of date.

…and the HSBC app is better than Starling’s?

Depends what you use the app for. I don’t spend on debit card very often, so instant notifications are irrelevant, only log on to check balance (not often) or to transfer money so don’t need a funky app. I can do all I need to with ease including paying in cheques via my phone.

as an HSBC premier customer I also get annual travel insurance for free for myself and family.

Horses for courses, all depends what you want and need from your bank & App.

I don’t use Starling for debit card transactions, but I use instant notifications for everything else. Direct Debits, warnings and incoming credit are my top three.

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