Logo and location updates

Does anyone else have issue getting their logos or locations updated with Starling?

I normally update missing ones within a day or so, but I’ve gone some as far back as 6th October still waiting.

I did DM them on Twitter on 9th November, and they said they’d be updated soon. But still nothing.

Anyone else experiencing this sort of delay?

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I’d prefer if everyone went with an N26 approach and just used icons to be honest. This logo bullshit makes the app look less tidy and professional.


I totally disagree. I love having merchant logos in the feed.

@Parker I also find that they don’t usually get updated unless I raise it with Starling, either via Twitter or in-app CS. That’s the one thing I find most frustrating.


I had some outstanding for several weeks and then contacted CS to ask why these aren’t being updated and I was told that they had no record of my suggested edits and was asked to email them the details of which ones weren’t right. That got them some of them done quite quickly, but they added logos and edited some names, but the second that happens, for some reason all the map data gets deleted. Some just didn’t get touched at all and were clearly incorrect.

Like I’ve said many times - do it and do it right or don’t do it at all.

I’ve had stuff pending for ages. Prodded them on Twitter and they did it pretty much immediately.

Has anyone else noticed that you can’t update names for online purchase?

This is the one thing that probably bugs me than them not being done at all. They haven’t told me they couldn’t find them, but they did ask for details on 9th November in a Twitter DM - and still nothing.

If they are missing (as in, there’s no record of my submissions), tell me and I’ll do them again. But to ask for the details in Twitter, me to provide them, being told they’ll be done soon, and still be waiting, that’s just annoying.

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I’ve given up trying, you provide the details and they still don’t get done. I’d be happy to do them myself or even have an area where I can go in and check merchants for other people. Or a direct chat to Logan would be the ideal scenario.


I’ve given up suggesting edits via the app. I find they just never get done so I’ve started emailing a screenshot of the merchant, a suggestion of what’s incorrect and a version of the correct logo. Usually this gets done, but whoever is doing the edits clearly prefers crappy logos and incorrect locations to the ones I’ve found and forwarded. Also, almost without fail, once a merchant has been edited, the location is lost.

Back in the old forum days, wasn’t there going to be some ‘exciting’ new stuff surrounding location and maps and this was the reason that maps wasn’t shown as default?

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I contacted them on Twitter, and they told me it would be done. After a week, still nothing, so dropped them a message in-app. I was told it was done, but they seem to have updated 1 logo and 1 name. That was 29th November.

I asked for an update on 5th December. No reply as of yet…

I recall quite a few suggested changes on the forum, but not actual mentions of changes. May just be me though :neutral_face:

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I think we’re beginning (I say beginning - I have struggled to get things updated since pretty much day one) to see the reality come through with the Fintechs and their ‘Friendly’ merchant names.

Sure you’ll get merchant names that people see 90% of the time sorted, but that last 10% is going to be a nightmare and will take a large amount of resources to sort out - and lets face it, updating merchant names is never going to be a priority for any organisation so it simply wont be given the required resources.

And for the merchants that are sorted, you’re forever completely at the mercy of those merchants not changing anything so that they don’t break it - which of course, they will. You’re forever going to be playing catch-up on this sort of thing.


Good point. You’re right, I’ve see merchants be perfect and then all of a sudden then be incorrect as somethings changed their end.

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I think this has been said before, but I think the banks really need to join forces to create an open database of ‘friendly’ merchant data.


I think an alternative approach would be for Mastercard, Visa etc. to tighten up on merchant data standards, take a more active role in enforcing them and add the facility for merchants to upload a preferred logo or whatever.

I appreciate Visa/MC don’t actually hold this data themselves, but what they add to their standards then acquirers must (evetually) follow.

There’s a petrol station near me that just comes through on statements as its location without any mention of its name - took me ages to figure out what it was.

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For what it’s worth, following my request for an update on 5th December, there have been no logo / merchant detail updates, nor have I had a response from CS.

Seems a bit odd to me; Starling at usually pretty good with responses when I’ve contacted them in the past?

I’ve also noticed that locations can be a bit off, but appreciate this isn’t in Starling’s control as such. For example, I paid for something in Swansea on the weekend, but the company who processed the payment is based in Kettering, so that’s what it shows up as in app.

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I had a ticket open that led to some corrections being made (by Callum). After submitting a couple of others at the end of November, then resubmitting them a few times, I added to the ticket. It appears the ticket has been closed and when you add further comments it doesn’t get reopened, so they don’t see it.

I opened a new ticket last night and have had a response this morning to say they will pass it on to the correct department.

I love seeing the proper merchant logos but this area really needs some work, otherwise they may as well change it to more of a generic icon the same way N26 does it.


6 months on and things still haven’t improved. I gave up submitting updates for a while but decided I’d try again in case they had managed to get back on top of this…nope, over a month since I suggested a raft of logos and name improvements and no progress at all.


Same here. I have some success if I raise support tickets but just using the “Improve” facility never works these days :frowning:

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This is very disappointing. I remember early days logos and address details was updated same or next day. No updates for last 3 months. Only one logo Starling updated for me - Cuvva insurance. Looks awful

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I’ve still got updates from December outstanding. Kinda feels like they’ve given up!


I find it’s fits and starts. Sometimes I submit via the app and they simply get ignored, but sometimes they’re done within a day or two. Same as @Hatticus, I have some going back to December and chased them several times, even DM on Twitter several times and was promised one on particular would be done. Still waiting to this day. Like I’ve always said, do ‘em right or don’t do them at all. It was suggested (back in the day) that we could submit the edits for them to be approved by Starling.

Oh well at least we have a map now, that was removed without explanation, that shows us the incorrect names and locations. Or if I remember correctly, “we have something big and exciting in store for locations and maps” was the reasoning wasn’t it?