Make money earn money?

Looking for any interesting suggestions I might not be aware of.

I have about 30k that’s just come out of a fixed term account which was investment and tbh the money did well in my opinion as it started at 25k and ended up at about 32.5 after 3 years.

so yeh 30K (Bought a MacBook Pro and iPad Pro) so Yeh suggestions?

I know a guy that if you send over that money by Western Union he will release $50,000,000.00 FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS to you the next day, it belongs to some prince that died apparently. :eyes:


I’m three years you turned 25k to 32.5k sounds like you already know a good place to stash it!


Past returns are poor predictors of future returns

That’s slightly above 9% annualized return.
Which fixed term account gave you this?

Some rumours that an entirely new one will e released on Tuesday, so may have made sense to wait.

If bought within 14 days from Apple themselves, it may be returned for a full refund. For info.

I also got mbp and iPad a few months ago.

The cash wash with my family’s financial advisor but it was tied up for those 3 years. Now its been 3 years its mine to try not to loose.

Just looking for the best product to stick most away and turn it in to more.

Ill ask FA today what it was put in for the return but im 80% sure it had something to do with investment

I think best thing you could do is leave it with them if your only 80% sure it was investment.
Maybe spend a while with an imaginary amount pick some funds (or some shares / bonds) and see how they perform over a few years.