Man Vs Revolut

(Omar Rana) #1

I’ll make it short and simple, I was asked to help liquidate some assets which were held in a German bank and could only be transferred using SEPA. They were having issues opening an account in Europe as the owner of the fund was from somewhere near Thailand. I put this onto #fintech-banking:revolut revolutsupport chat, the lady

, we would be in contact. a week or so later, I received DHL Package with a new Mastercard and personal mobile number for the Operations Manager at that time, Arthur Johanet.

(Liam) #2

OK, I’ll play.

Was this person known to you?
How did they contact you with their request?
Did they just require you provide them with your bank account and sort code for them to ‘deposit da monies’?
You’re telling us you set up a Revolut account on chat, bypassing the need to download an app and verify your ID?

Finally, What exactly are you accusing Revolut of?

(Omar Rana) #3

I called him, he asked me to move over to telegram, and we had the following conversation

(Omar Rana) #4

My father Is a toast masters Professional speaker, he works within the educational sector and resides in a tropical country. He’s a former commodities stock broker and is very highly educated. He speaks the queens English. Having all those qualities has made him quite somewhat well known within a higher upper class group of individuals. The introduction was made to me by one of the higher rank officers in the Navy, who also happens to be a fintech and IT expert. He invited us to dinner when I was visiting my father, at a restaurant next to the port. We were interrupted several times by navy officers walking past, stopping abruptly just to give a salute and a loud SIR.

(Adrian) #5

Sounds annoying.

(Liam) #6

So you’re in the business of opening bank accounts for random seamen?

(Omar Rana) #7

Ill wait for your comments then continue, it’s wasn’t annoying, it was it ahhh you fuc++++, made me jump.

( #8

Some of us are known to do stupid things when we have a thirst for seamen… so i understand.

(Omar Rana) #9

No mate, it was for a wealthy individual who was potentially worth around 500m, from Laos. He was quite old and had been messed about on many occasions. He also offered 10%

(Liam) #10

A wealthy individual who banks would not be prepared to touch? Any alarm bells ringing?

FYI, nobody in any navy is worth that much. You don’t go into public service for money.


Omar, do you believe you are being groomed to commit fraud or being incited to engage in an unlawful act?


As a former Government disciple of almost 30 years standing, I agree. Mind you, the pension aint half bad :rofl:

(Adrian) #13

It all sounds above board to me.

Absolutely nothing wrong with it.


I’m just genuinely interested to know what Omar believes…

(Liam) #15

So back to my questions…

(Omar Rana) #16

ok so you gonna make fun of this, so ill make it extremely short, Revolut sent contact details, I called, it was Arthur Johanet, He confirmed that he knew exactly what I needed, he also claimed to be the owner of revolut, he never dispersed from there after I sent him the enterprise certificate, copies of the owners identification, certified and lastly screenshots of emails confirming that I would be granted POA to complete this.

(Omar Rana) #17

They never got back to me, when I complained Arthur sent me a message on Telegram saying ha ha ha, and when I really questioned Revolut, that was the same day my account was suspended.

(Liam) #18

OK - so let’s cut to the chase…

Sailor asks you to do something dubious for money.
You go online in search for a banker… but in a chat room, not by going to the bank.
Man claiming to be the CEO of the bank offers to ‘sort you out’.

What exactly is your beef with Revolut?

( #19

This may be the most remarkable thing ive ever read on a forum. It’s like something Ian Fleming would bash out on the typewriter after several bottles of rum at the GoldenEye estate…

(Omar Rana) #20

It wasn’t dubious, the money was a fund in the Bundesbank, client had a credit identifier code for SEPA DD to be set up.