Maplin comes back from the dead

Well today I got an email from Amex telling me about all the new places that I could use my Amex card and on the list was Maplin.

I scoffed and thought, typical Amex, they don’t even have a clue who accepts their cards and Maplin went out of business last year.

So I was about to tweet them to pull their leg over it when I thought… I had better just check.

Lo and behold is trading again!

OK, you’re all going to tell me you all knew this already :rofl:


There were rumours Peter jones bought the name but he denied it… unsure who has it now though.


I knew about this ages ago.

OK, this is news to me.

Where my local physical Maplins store was is still empty and still has the old signs/shopfront up.

I would guess there was enough stock left over to launch brand online only.

I found in most cases during their closing down sale that stuff was more expensive. It’s a shame as a techie they where my goto store when i didn’t have something with me that I needed

Same in the town closest to where I live, the signage is all still there. But then on the same retail park that the old Maplin store is located, the former Comet store was abandoned/empty for a couple of years after they closed with all of the signage still up. It’s now a toy store.

I have to admit, I too knew about Maplins online a few weeks back, but to be honest, what I was looking for at the time was so expensive, I ended up buying it via Amazon anyway.

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I don’t get the impression that they are looking at opening the stores. As I understand it a different company purchased the brand and is just using it for an online store. The shops were handy if you needed something quickly, but the prices just don’t complete with other online retailers.

Rs replaced Maplin for me. Huge range of products. Delivery always free. Prices pretty good too

Ok, I realise this is quite an old thread but I couldn’t see the point of starting another on the same topic.

Just a few weeks ago, I decided to go ahead and purchase a product from Maplin online. I paid for the product on my VM credit card and I thought that would be that. Several days went by, no product and then, eventually, after 7 days or so, my ‘pending’ payment disappeared completely and after 10 days, it became totally apparent that my purchase was never going to materialise and no money had been taken.

I sent a message to Maplin asking why I had no product and why no payment had been taken? Eventually, I received a response telling me that the payment processor Maplin uses, had stopped the transaction believing it to be fraudulent. They informed me that there was nothing they could do about this and that sometimes their payment processor gets it wrong and on this occasion this is exactly what happened, they got it wrong and Maplin advised me to reorder.

Upshot was, I informed Maplin I wouldn’t be reordering. Indeed I won’t ever be ordering anything from them again. They are the first online retailer that I’ve ever had this issue with. I subsequently bought the item I wanted from BT Shop on my Amex card. It cost me a fiver more but then I got a couple of quid back from TopCashback plus Avios points.

Anyone else had a similar experience?