Marcus Savings

According to the BBC Goldman Sachs have officially launched Marcus. Savings rates are said to be 1.5%

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I found their office website

I’m running through their sign up process now. Curious to see how far I get

Certainly seems to be fully launched. There’s a bit of confusion as everything I’ve read pointed to a soft launch to employees first

my application is being checked so I guess we’ll see soon :slight_smile:

Edit… probably worth considering that it’s the same interest rate as a Club Lloyds Bank Account, but I like trying out new Fintech so we’ll see how it goes. (Club Lloyds is also a little better if you don’t take into account the 0.15% bonus)


Did I read that they don’t have a mobile app?

they do appear to be telephone and online access right now

I mean… c’mon.

How hard is it to get an app set up!

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I opened last night. All is good so far. I’ve not long opened an RCI savings after all of Joe’s free advertising on the Starling community, went to switch my linked account to my Starling current account and it said ‘sort code or account number not recognised’ ironically, so unless they come back and match Marcus I will probably move it all… once i work out how i can get it out of RCI :thinking::joy:


I am not a fan of the name.

And the lack of an app is tiresome. One might almost call it Marcus Wearing…

(got me coat already)

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Account opened. That was painless
The last savings account I opened with Coventry bs, took about 3 weeks

What functionality would it have?
Seems a bit pointless to have an app for a savings account that you access rarely.
Also the UI on the web app is pretty nice


I’m tempted to open one - A good chunk of my savings are with Wealthify and NS&I.

I keep a few thousand in Starling, which I can move around really quickly.

The fact there is no app is a bit of a killer for me - But probably not a deal breaker for people simply looking to drop a load of dosh and leave it.

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Does anyone know if they credit check you on opening an account?

Edit - Also if people want a decent rate and simply leave their money there - Why not use Atom for 2.5%?

Even their 1 year account is 2.0% if you didn’t want to tie yourself in for long.

The interface works well enough on a mobile browser for me. Perhaps an app would be useful if they eventually have more products.

If I save their account log in page to the home screen on my iPhone, it then opens as if it is a full screen app/browser. I’m not sure if that is what we are calling a Progressive Web App these days.

I can check my credit file and let you know, Any idea how quickly searches show up?

No idea - I shouldn’t think they do.

Just conscious of how many accounts I’m opening “just to check it out”!

They asked me for 3 years of addresses (not unusual) and for salary bracket (as opposed to specifics). I assume they do an identity check but not a credit check.

That would be my assumption as well.

I wonder if we’ll see a response from any other bank.

Also puts pressure on Monzo (as far as the forum go-ers are concerned). If they release their “pot with interest” at 1%, I can see a mini meltdown happening.

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Just opened one - I don’t think they credit check.

I’ll stick all my Starling savings in there for now - Slick sign up and web interface.

So they advertise a 1.50% rate, but it’s actually 1.49%?

Am I missing something?