Mastercard cashback initiative


Really cannot remember when I last used cashback! Not sure how using your card to get cash protects use of cash :wink:

I was very happy that mastercard was about to be funding me some cashback… only to see this.

Will update post after reading it

Yeah, I don’t like it

Get rid of cashback entirely / eliminate all ATMs.

There is no good reason for cash in 2019. Change my mind.

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In a world without physical cash governments and central banks can just use negative interest to force people to move their money or lose it and basically have regular folks pay the way out of financial crisis. No one can apply negative interest to your physical cash.

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The central bank can print a bunch of money and devalue it so you need to spend though :thinking:

Banks won’t do that anyways - that kind of stuff is why Marie Antoinette’s head was put on the chopping block!

Card acceptance isn’t ubiquitous, IT infrastructure isn’t reliable, visitors frequently use cash because of card fees, old people still exist.

These are just a few that I’ve encountered.


Using cash has been proven to encourage more thoughtful spending and is a great money management tactic especially for those living close to their financial limits. Anything that helps people avoid debt is a major plus point in my mind. Society’s reliance on credit isn’t ideal.


There are even books being written about it :wink:

Would be if we got rid of cash :slight_smile:

Visa and MasterCard don’t go out every minute + payments can be processed after the fact

On top of that IT infrastructure will get better - even if we have to regulate SLA’s for MasterCard and Visa to make that happen.

Card fees are disappearing all over the planet my guy, this isn’t a valid excuse anymore. We certainly don’t charge them for card usage over here

Use a prepaid debit card. They can’t go into an overdraft, arranged or unarranged.

I don’t get why you have an instinct to inflict your will on everyone, it’s the behaviour of a dictator - why can’t you let choice win.

If cash is to go, let it die a natural death.

By all means ramp up the availability of non-cash transactions, and offer incentives if you need to do it - but the existence of cash hurts nobody, so why hurt those who do not want to be forced to use card.

If you don’t want to use card I would guess that it’s entirely possible for you to make choices in life that would enable you to fully avoid coins and notes.

Change your barber if his cash only policy aggrieves you so much!


Because Which keep saying that people need cash, and it’s absolute bollocks

No one needs it - they might want it, but they don’t need it.

On top of this going cashless will have benefits to society, like reduction of benefit fraud because you can’t hide your income :slight_smile:

Cash is expensive to handle
Cash costs businesses money in fake notes
Cash isn’t required
It costs money to the taxpayer to both mint and circulate cash

Unfortunately not too much of a choice - family friend barber + a few other things (no barber in my town accepts card)

I only use cash a couple of times a month so I wouldn’t really miss it but going cashless completely still seems odd to me.

Why do you care what Which? say? That’s such a nutty argument.

You’d ban something because a little-read publication says some people need it?

By the way - ban cash and some people will struggle.

And yet, as a rule, no company is compelled to use cash so it is clear that most firms still see value in it - and want to continue cash acceptance to drive sales from customers who actively opt to use cash.

Again - you don’t like it, so don’t use it. Don’t force your will on people who are not you!

And tell us what town… we’ll find you one!


Definitely isn’t nutty as the government set up a team to ensure access to cash is prioritized, when we should be going towards a cashless society

It is dying out - let it

It’s got 160+k signatures - Which? Isn’t little read and they’re 100% misleading their readers

Who? Who will struggle?

Yes because small businesses are trying to cut their tax bill by knocking off a cash ticket or two - everyone (that I’ve met) is doing it :slight_smile:

On top of that these places will adapt and go card only as cash machines hopefully die off :slight_smile:

I can completely understand you wanting to be 100% cash-free on a personal level. I hardly use cash myself. I think you can pretty much avoid the need for cash if you choose the right barber, taxi firm, etc.

What I don’t get is wanting to stop other people using cash. This has no impact on you! My mother would really struggle if cash was withdrawn tomorrow. As @Liam said, let it disappear naturally.


I’m all for that - but no one else is

Which is demanding the government legislate to keep cash around, I’m all for letting it die naturally. I believe we could get rid of it today though.

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It’s not just visa and master card. There’s internet outages, power cuts, disruptions etc.

You answered this yourself. There disappearing, not gone. Which means cash is still a viable and good alternative.

The fact is it’s easy to get cash. If I go anywhere I’m going to have some USD with me because I’ve no idea if the technology will work, but I know cash will.

Cash will reduce more maybe even be gone one day. But I’ll be honest, I have a good laugh when people think we’re ready for that now. We’re not.

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Delayed processing exists

We have ways to identify people too I’m sure to collect payments later if required

USD isn’t going to work in England :slight_smile:

We are :slight_smile:

When places don’t accept all cards, when minimum spends exist, when you can process payments because the machine is down. No we’re not. It might be fine in the city but it’s not everywhere.

You also have to account for visitors from other counties.

Did I say that? You know what I’m saying, cash is accepted everywhere, and we’re ahead of the game. But we’re not going cashless becuse we’re simply not ready. And you can’t just leave people behind because you want it to happen now.

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Everywhere accepts MasterCard and visa, normally.

Haven’t seen a minimum spend over a quid in the last year besides at takeouts where it’s £5-10 and one dish costs £5+

If you got rid of cash, minimum spends would die

In the UK* you can make it work