Mastercard rule changes affecting Subscriptions

Loads of people sign up for free trials and forget to cancel them, the new changes will mean that the company has to gain further approval after the trial to continue charging you. Sadly it doesn’t apply to digital goods, but its a great step in the right direction.


Given the vast numbers of free trials for digital products I would hope this is extended to Digital sooner rather than later… seems largely symbolic right now and not as good as it sounds in their intro.

Completely agree though… a step in the right direction


This is good but I’m also wondering about this new rule where you have to get a code when you use your card online. Surely that won’t apply to things like netflix that are charged to your card every month :open_mouth:

I think it’s largely a pretty good idea.
Personally, I avoid ‘free’ trials where I have to enter a credit card number.

I’ve never liked that game that it played where the merchant is betting on you not being bothered to cancel before the first payment.

Only place where I’ve taken the free trial is where I’ve already sold myself the product (ie Spotify).

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I wish mastercard would extend this to digital services, to be honest.