Mastercard ruling: almost every UK adult could receive payout


Not sure what to say about this… :thinking:


All I can say is, I was in the UK at some point during1992-2008 :joy: so I’ll be more than happy to see £300 go into my Starling account for free, tbh!


Personally, I can see myself getting the grand sum of knack all. I didn’t even get a sniff at PPI because back in the day, every single loan or card or took out, rather oddly, I already checked the T’s&C’s and decided because of my employment, I didn’t require any form of payment protection. Oh well.


That’s not how class action suits work, though, is it:

The lawyers get £300m each, and then there is about £3.21 left per affected individual.

(I don’t want to be in Monzo’s office though, when all their customers post their Mastercard compensation cheques to them. If Christmas was bad, this’ll take them months to deal with :laughing:)

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Well we could always use cheque imaging for this couldn’t we… oh wait.


Did you actually check it out or presume you didn’t have a claim because you had refused it? Both Mrs nelliep and I have received compensation because it was applied to our accounts when we SPECIFICALLY stated we were not eligible because we were working overseas. Also, like yourself, our profession when in the UK meant it was not suitable.
Before anyone jumps on me for not checking more closely at the time I’ll say that in my defence it was pre-internet, I received post to a UK address and I was overseas. Also, I was young with a family and naively thought at that time that banks could be trusted (Oh, how things have changed! :grinning:).


I never had PPI miss sold to me or added to any of the two small loans I took out 25 years ago. I’ve only ever had one Store card, Debenhams years ago, and I never had any form of PPI on that because I rarely used it and I wouldn’t have needed PPI on it anyway.

I took out 2 loans during the 1990’s, both for less than £2k and I’d paid them off within a couple of years. I definitely didn’t have PPI added. Other than my mortgage, I haven’t taken out any form of personal loan since 1995 and any credit card I’ve ever had in the last 20 years, have been interest free save for my Amex card which I pay off in full monthly anyway. Even with car purchases, I pay cash in full, so no loans there either.

At the end of the day, I knew what I was applying for at the time. I didn’t want to pay an extra premium for PPI because obviously it would have added more money to the loan and I’m too bloody tight to pay any extra. The fact is, I only ever paid back loan interest at the advertised rate without any ‘extras’ added. I keep comprehensive paper copies of just about everything. For example, I’ve still got every single P60 dating back 35 years, every notice of coding I’ve ever received from HMRC, loan/mortgage agreements and file upon file of bank statements dating back to 1984. My Wife thinks I’m a bit of a nutter lol!